The Brief Encounter The Brief Encounter (1977)

  • 1. The Brief Encounter (introduction)
  • 2. Visions
  • 3. Smile
  • 4. Just One Moment
  • 5. Loving And Caring
  • 6. In A Special Kind Of Way In A Special Kind Of Way
  • 7. Good Thing, Bad Thing
  • 8. Time Is Moving
  • 9. Got A Good Feeling
  • 10. We're Gonna Have A Good Time

Ultra rare soul/funk LP from 1977 by Carolina-based band The Brief Encounter reissued on Jazzman!!!!

This album that displays a wide showcase of soulful talent from funky rare grooves to beautiful ballads.  Recorded in 1977, includes detailed liner notes with exclusive interviews the story behind the band and their enigmatic recording of the Special Release album, and how a small-time group of musicians from rural North Carolina came to entrance soul fans and collectors the world over with such a superb yet under-appreciated masterpiece.