• 1. sugar minott – devil is at large
  • 2. chris wayne – don't worry yourself
  • 3. willie williams – solid rock i stand
  • 4. ras menilik dacosta – free south africa
  • 5. jerry johnson – tribute to prince knight
  • 6. black roots players – temp dub
  • 7. black roots players – slow tempo
  • 8. black roots players – up tempo

Reissue of this definitive album from the revered Black Victory label!

Devastating album of chilled, dread fuelled versions of King Tubby's classic Tempo riddim! Dancehall saviour of Studio One, and co-architect of Black Victory, Wackies stalwart Minott himself takes the mic, kicking off the imperious Tempo Explosion version-excursion, and on the final Black Victory release, the single Sheriff John Brown, a driving sufferers cliffhanger about bent cops and going on the run. Black Roots Players, Jerry Johnson, Willie Williams, Chris Wayne and Ras Menlik Dacosta also supply unique versions of the Red Rose classic. 

One of the greatest one-rhythm albums of all time. Meticulous, mesmerising mix of electronic and analogue techniques.