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    • Shawty Pimp – One Mean Stang
    • Shawty Pimp – Come On Wit Me Baby
    • Shawty Pimp – Style Like Mine
    • Shawty Pimp – For Them Bustas
    • Shawty Pimp – You Tell Me
    • Shawty Pimp – Pimpin' Still Goin' On
    • Shawty Pimp – My 9 Glock Ain't To Be Played Wit
    • Shawty Pimp – Gots To make Some Money
    • Shawty Pimp – Can't Play No Playa
    • 1. Big Boys Intro
    • 2. One Mean Stang
    • 3. Come On Wit Me Baby
    • 4. Style Like Mine
    • 5. For Them Bustas
    • 6. You Tell Me
    • 7. Pimpin' Still Goin' On
    • 8. My 9 Glock Ain't To Be Played Wit
    • 9. Gots To make Some Money
    • 10. Can't Play No Playa
    • 11. Dedications
    • 12. Street Sense
    • 13. Revised Dedications

    Back in the nineties, southern states such as Memphis, Tennessee were also hotbeds for the fast evolving sound of hip-hop. Shawty Pimp and was brought to international ears in 2014 when his album 'Comin' Real Wit It' was pressed to vinyl and sold out in the blink of an eye. Gyptology Records now present a vinyl pressing of the 1995 cassette sequel, 'Still Comin' Real'. This will fly - don't sleep!

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    • Second Direction – Storm Flute
    • Second Direction – Peace
    • Second Direction – Praeludium No. 3
    • Second Direction – Steamer
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    • Second Direction – Four Corners
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    • The Majestics – Key To Love
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    Reggae In A Babylon (1978)The Documentary That Captured The Birth Of British ReggaeOdeon Entertainment
    This is a killer rare Reggae documentary filmed in England in 1978. Includes rare interviews and performances from the kings and queens of the british...
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    Dub Echoes DVD (2009)Directed by Bruno Natal
    'Dub Echoes' DVD out now on Soul Jazz Records!!!!!! 'Dub Echoes' is a newly produced film about Dub, featuring an incredible array of artists, both original...
    Mr. FingersCerebral HemispheresAlleviated
    First new Mr. Fingers album since 1994's 'Back To Love' ! An epic body of work from the one and only pioneer of deep Chicago house music, Larry Heard and...
    • Mr. Fingers – Full Moon
    • Mr. Fingers – City Streets
    • Mr. Fingers – Urbane Sunset
    • Mr. Fingers – Sands Of Aruba
    • Mr. Fingers – Tiger Lounge
    • Mr. Fingers – A Day In Portugal
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    • Mr. Fingers – Electron
    • Mr. Fingers – Outer Acid
    • Mr. Fingers – Inner Acid
    • Mr. Fingers – Spy
    • Mr. Fingers – Stratusfly
    • Mr. Fingers – Nodyahead
    • Mr. Fingers – Qwazars re-mix
    • Mr. Fingers – Aether
    • Mr. Fingers – Praise To The Vibes
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    • Prince Far I – Tribute To Bob Marley
    • Prince Far I – Hold The Fort
    • Prince Far I – Every Time I Hear The Word
    • Prince Far I – Head Of The Buccaneer
    • Prince Far I – Shall Not Dwell In Wickedness
    • Prince Far I – Give I Strength
    • Prince Far I – Kingdom Of God
    • Prince Far I – Coming In From The Rock
    • Prince Far I – Skinhead
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    • Yabby You & Michael Prophet Meet The Scientist – Riot in Birmingham (Michael Prophet - Free Up Your Heart (Dub))
    • Yabby You & Michael Prophet Meet The Scientist – Mask Execution in Angola (Michael Prophet - Man Of Experience (Dub))
    • Yabby You & Michael Prophet Meet The Scientist – Blood In South Africa (Michael Prophet - Know The Right (Dub))
    • Yabby You & Michael Prophet Meet The Scientist – Death To All Racist (Michael Prophet - Roots Man Time (Dub))
    • Yabby You & Michael Prophet Meet The Scientist – Don't Rape The Black Daughter (Michael Prophet - Fight It To The Top (Dub))
    • Yabby You & Michael Prophet Meet The Scientist – Rasta Conference (Michael Prophet - No Friend In This Time (Dub))
    • Yabby You & Michael Prophet Meet The Scientist – Stop Opression Now (Wayne Wade - Willow Tree (Dub))
    • Yabby You & Michael Prophet Meet The Scientist – Milinda (Patrick Andy - Every Tongue Shall Tell(Dub))
    • Yabby You & Michael Prophet Meet The Scientist – Know Your Culture (Alric Forbes - Jah Know It's True (Dub))
    • 1. Riot in Birmingham (Michael Prophet - Free Up Your Heart (Dub))
    • 2. Mask Execution in Angola (Michael Prophet - Man Of Experience (Dub))
    • 3. Blood In South Africa (Michael Prophet - Know The Right (Dub))
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    Slum VillageThe Lost Scrolls Vol. 2: Slum Village EditionNe'Astra Music Group
    An underground classic in every sense of the term, Slum Village's 1998 production 'Fantastic, Vol. 2' was a breath of fresh air for hip-hop heads when...
    • Slum Village – Hold Tight Remix (feat. Q-Tip)
    • Slum Village – Burn
    • Slum Village – Hard Core
    • Slum Village – Bring It Back
    • Slum Village – Dilla Freestyle
    • Slum Village – Oh!
    • Slum Village – Like This
    • Slum Village – Living It Up
    • Slum Village – On The Run (Baatin)
    • Slum Village – Talk About Hoes (feat. Kurupt)
    • Slum Village – Lab
    Alice ColtraneLord Of LordsSuperior Viaduct
    Originally released in 1972, Lord Of Lords was Alice Coltrane’s final album for Impulse! and the last installment in her awe-inspiring trilogy that also...
    • Alice Coltrane – Andromeda's Suffering
    • Alice Coltrane – Sri Rama Ohnedaruth
    • Alice Coltrane – Excerpts From The Firebird
    • Alice Coltrane – Lord Of Lords
    • Alice Coltrane – Going Home
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    Toni TornadoToni TornadoMad About Records
    Legendary Brazilian soulful funk album from 1972. A 'Black Rio' masterpiece reissue for the first time on vinyl. Limited to 500 copies!
    • Toni Tornado – Mané Beleza
    • Toni Tornado – Não Grile a Minha Cabeça
    • Toni Tornado – Torniente
    • Toni Tornado – Eu Duvido Muito
    • Toni Tornado – Sinceridade
    • Toni Tornado – Podes Crer Amizade
    • Toni Tornado – Aposta
    • Toni Tornado – Bochechuda
    • Toni Tornado – Uma Idéia
    • Toni Tornado – Eu Tenho Um Som Novo
    • Toni Tornado – Tornado
    • LP£27.99
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    Hailu MergiaYegojam Marnesh / Yegle NeshAwesome Tapes From Africa
    Limited promo release ahead of Hailu Mergia’s new album! Where the album scales angular heights between modern jazz and Ethiopian harmonies, these two...
    • Hailu Mergia – Yegojam Marnesh
    • Hailu Mergia – Yegle Nesh
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    • The Lebron Brothers – Mi Fracaso
    • The Lebron Brothers – Tus Recuerdos
    • The Lebron Brothers – Orgullo, Riqueza Y Lujo
    • The Lebron Brothers – No Le Diga
    • The Lebron Brothers – Sin Ti
    • The Lebron Brothers – Equivocada
    • The Lebron Brothers – En Balcon Aquel
    • The Lebron Brothers – Todo Lo Echaste Ha Perder
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    OkonkoloCantosBig Crown Records
    Okonkolo perform Yoruban Santeria music their debut for Big Crown is a a spiritual dance with held together by rhythm, passion and musical virtuosity.
    • Okonkolo – Yemaya
    • Okonkolo – Canto Asoyin
    • Okonkolo – Wolenche Por Chango
    • Okonkolo – Oba
    • Okonkolo – Ochun
    • Okonkolo – Canto Por Obatala
    • Okonkolo – Canto Por Ochun
    • Okonkolo – Obatala
    • Okonkolo – Elegua
    Bobby OrozaThis Love / Should I Take You HomeBig Crown Records
    Big Crown reissue the contemporary soul classic, 'This Love' by Finland's own Bobby Oroza!
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      JaubiLahore State Of Mind (Feat. Al Dobson Jr. Remix)Astigmatic Records
      Astigmatic Records continue to push musical boundaries, following on from EABS (jazz), Naphta (post-punk/cosmic disco) and Surly (juke) with their latest...
      • Jaubi – Lahore State Of Mind
      • Jaubi – Lahore State Of Mind (Al Dobson Jr. Remix)
      • 7"£8.99
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