• 1. Kao Mai Rak Rad Rhok
  • 2. Somjai Nilbarun – Lam Plearn Diew Khaen Diew Phin

Maft Sai and Chris Menist dig out two Thai funk and folk diamonds for Paradise Bangkok. Individually numbered edition of 500 housed in hand-stitched and silk-screened jackets. Love the hypnotic B-side instrumental** "Side A. 'Kao Mai Rak Rao Rhok' - Sroeng Santi - Originally only released as a private pressing, this might be the heaviest Santi tune in existence. Blaring horns and squalling guitar underpin Sroeng's trademark singing voice, all over driving bass and killer drums. Chris & Maft couldn't believe their ears when they first heard this -   Side B. Lam Plearn Diew Khean Diew Phin - Somjai Nilbarun - A raw molam instrumental that acts as a companion piece to the track by Narong Rurachbuadang that was released on PB003. Drone like khaen and woozy percussion characterise this unique piece, as the phin player picks out the melody of this beautiful lam plearn, in the best Isan tradition."