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  • 1. You Got Action, You Got Me
  • 2. Lifes Place
  • 3. Put A Smile On Time
  • 4. Thought My Love Was Fine
  • 5. Brenda And Me
  • 6. Everybodys Chippin
  • 7. You Make Me Feel Right, Think Right Do Right.
  • 8. Cant Do It Without You
  • 9. laying and playing
  • 10. be yourself
  • 11. you pay for what you got

Indianapolis' legendary Rhythm Machine is one of the rare funk bands that transitioned between eras of funk's history seamlessly, creating awesome funk sides for a host of independent labels between the years of 1968 and 1976. Born out of cult Indy funk band The Highlighters' ashes, the Rhythm Machine was founded in the early '70s by bass player James Boone and guitarist James Brantley.

Lost for thirty years, The Rhythm Machine is now available to the musical public, legitimately reissued in its original packaging. Offering up brilliant soul, haunting ballads and high-energy mid-70s funk, this tasty medley is served best in its entirety.

Remastered from the original 1?4-inch tape mix-downs. contains 12 page booklet eith never before published photos and extensive liner notes.