• 1. stereotype
  • 2. stereotype (instrumental)
  • 3. kiss my ass
  • 4. kiss my ass (instrumental)

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There was Sonny and Cher, Marvin and Tammi, Ashford and Simpson and now Pritch and Trim like the aforementioned, they are a match made in grime heaven. Quirky chat from Trim over Mark Pritchard's playful, cheeky 'Artful Dodger-style' (From Oliver not Craig Davids mates) riddim, based on the kind of brass, woodwind and moogy synths you might have found accompanying some up-to-no-good action on a 1970s BBC drama.

'Kiss My Ass' riddim comes with some mindboogling, oddball dancehall business with Trim ripping into rumours and revelations in his inimitable style.