• 1. If I gave you my love
  • 2. Instrumental

Myron & E are singers with their own style and mood. They are type of singers who tend to make the listener to listen to their songs as if in hypnotic state. The feeling that they convey in a song is called by some great artists as SOUL. Soul to many of us has different meanings. What ever definition you give it, Myron & E have it.

Like all success stories it has been a very rough and rocky road for Myron & E. Their First release wasn’t a total success, but they didn’t call it quits, they continued to strive for greater heights. They continued their search for success with this motto in mind. “Good, Better, Best; never let it rest”

So here they are back once more with The Soul Investigators band, one of the most exciting groups in the scene today. Together they have a thing going on that is just too much!

Helsinki, Finland has been know as the Venice of the North and Design Capital of the world. But from now on it will be simply known as the home of Myron & E and The Soul Investigators.