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    • Moebius Plank Neumeier – speed delay
    • Moebius Plank Neumeier – pitch control
    • 1. speed delay
    • 2. load
    • 3. pitch control
    • 4. all repro
    • 5. recall (vocal: deuka, sudan)
    • 6. search zero

    Amazing krautrock-electro-disco-proto-techno gem from 1982!

    "Zero Set" is three masterminds of Krautrock together on one album. Dieter Moebius (Cluster, Harmonia), Mani Neumeier (Guru Guru), and legendary sound engineer Conny Plank (too many projects to name them) recorded this dark electronic and "motorik" piece in 1982 and was originally released by Sky Records!

    A brilliant funky energetic percussive masterpiece which fuses rhythmic electronics with a live drum set!

    This is a great album incredibly still sounding fresh today, miles ahead of it's time and is a must-have for any Krautrock collector!

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      Deutsche Elektronische MusikExperimental German Rock and Electronic Music 1972-83Soul Jazz Records
      AVAILABLE AGAIN! Soul Jazz Records new 2018 edition of their long out of print classic first “Deutsche Elektronische Musik – Experimental German Rock...
      • Can – Aspectacle
      • Between – Devotion
      • Harmonia – Dino
      • Gila – This Morning
      • Kollectiv – Rambo Zambo
      • Michael Bundt – La Chasse Aux Microbes
      • E.M.A.K – Filmmusik
      • Popol Vuh – Morgengruss
      • Conrad Schnitzler – Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal
      • La Düsseldorf – Rheinita
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      • Faust – It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl
      • Neu! – Hallo Gallo
      • Cluster – Heisse Lippen
      • Ibliss – Hi Life
      • Dieter Moebius – Hasenheide
      • Amon Duul II – Fly United
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      LinkwoodSystemPrime Number
      NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL! Wicked new album of ace retro boogie disco and deep techno vibes on Prime Numbers! For a relatively new label Prime Numbers...
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      • Linkwood – Falling
      • Linkwood – Fudge Boogie
      • Linkwood – Chicago Pt.2
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      VangelisWho Killed The DragonFinders Keepers / No No Years
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        Dom ThomasMiscellaneous Mutant MishapsBrutal Music
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        • Dom Thomas – Track 1
        • Dom Thomas – Track 2
        • Dom Thomas – Track 3
        • Dom Thomas – Track 4
        • CD£10.99
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        John MoralesThe M&M MixesBBE
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        • class acton feat chris wiltshire – weekend (JM After-session M&M Mix)
        • curtis hairston – i want you (all tonight) (JM After-session M&M Mix)
        • universal robot band – wanna be your lover (demo version)
        • logg – (you got) that something (JM After-session M&M Mix)
        • funk deluxe – this time (JM After-session M&M Mix)
        • 2×LP£17.99
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        Sun RaThe Night Of The Purple MoonSaturn
        Super rare early 70s set Sun Ra with John Gilmore on percussion as well as tenor sax. Includes "Love In Outer Space". Super deep and funky! As featured...
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          BohannonStop And GoBrunswick
          Features the rare groove classic 'Save Their Souls'!
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            Basis KEurasia EPDisco Hamam-I
            Extremely limited 70's turkish disco edits brand new Turkey-based label Disco Hamam-I!
            • Basis K – honki ponki
            • Basis K – aheste
            • Basis K – ikimiz bir fidaniz
            • 12"£8.49
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                Moebius & PlankRastakraut Pasta (1980)Bureau B
                Cult classic krautrock album from the post punk era! This is a great reissue of a sought after and rare album by Dieter Moebius of classic krautrock...
                • Moebius & Plank – News
                • Moebius & Plank – Rastakraut Pasta
                • LP£16.99
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                • CD£13.99
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                Recomposed By Carl Craig & Moritz Von OswaldNew Mixes By Francois Kevorkian & Moritz Von Oswald RemixesDeutsche Grammophon
                Triumphantly trumping all previous releases in the series, this is a classic, driving, deep, reverberating mix (with a fine, thirteen-minute, ambient excursion...
                • Recomposed By Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald – berlin meets NY by Francois kervorkian & moritz von oswald
                • Recomposed By Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald – development mix by moritz von oswald
                • 10"£6.99
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                New York Noise Volume 2Music from the New York Underground 1977-1984Soul Jazz Records
                The follow-up to our highly acclaimed New York Noise compilation delves even deeper into the exciting and diverse range of music that sprang from downtown...
                • New York Noise Volume 2 – Pulsallama - Ungawa Pt. 2
                • New York Noise Volume 2 – Mofungo - Hunter Gatherer
                • New York Noise Volume 2 – Red Transistor - Not Bite
                • New York Noise Volume 2 – Vortex O S T - Black Box Disco
                • New York Noise Volume 2 – Certain General - Back Downtown
                • New York Noise Volume 2 – Sonic Youth - I Dreamed I Dream
                • New York Noise Volume 2 – Rhys Chatham - Drastic Classicism
                • New York Noise Volume 2 – Clandestine Featuring Ned Sublette - Radio Rhythm (Dub Mix)
                • New York Noise Volume 2 – Glorious Strangers - Move It Time
                • New York Noise Volume 2 – Felix (A K A Arthur Russell & Nicky Siano) - Tiger Stripes
                • New York Noise Volume 2 – The Del Byzanteens (Featuring Jim Jarmusch) - My Hands Are Yellow From The Job That I Do
                • New York Noise Volume 2 – Don King - Tanajura
                • New York Noise Volume 2 – Jill Kroesen - Im Not Seeing That You Are Here
                • New York Noise Volume 2 – Ut - Sham Shack
                • New York Noise Volume 2 – The Static (glenn Branca) - My Relationship
                • New York Noise Volume 2 – Y Pants - Favorite Sweater
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                  Jean-Pierre MassieraVenus Gang - Galactic SoulMucho Gusto
                  An amazing re-issue of this leftfileld space-disco cult classic from fuzzed out french soundwizard Jean-Pierre Masssiera! Created in 1978, Jean-Pierre...
                  • Jean-Pierre Massiera – cosmic daddy
                  • Jean-Pierre Massiera – take me back to my planet
                  • Jean-Pierre Massiera – love to fly
                  • LP£18.99
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                  NEW EDITION Freedom, Rhythm and Sound BOOKBy Gilles Peterson and Stuart BakerSoul Jazz Records
                  Large format (12" x 12") plexi-bound deluxe book, 180 page, 100s of killer sleeves! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soul...
                  ZombyOne Foot Ahead Of The Other EPRamp Recordings
                  Zomby catapulted onto the dubstep scene in 2007 like something out of space with his 'Mush/Spliff Dub' 12" on Hyperdub.  Since then he has gone on...
                  • Zomby – One Foot Ahead Of The Other
                  • Zomby – Pumpkinhead's Revenge
                  • Zomby – Expert Tuition
                  • Zomby – Bubble Bobble
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                  Serge GainsbourgAux Armes et CæteraMercury France
                  Gainsbourg goes Reggae. The year is 1979 - Gainsbourg hooks up with Sly and Robbie for his first excursion into Jamaican sound, and hires Rita Marley’s...
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                      Cedric Im BrooksCedric Im Brooks & The Light of SabaHonest Jon's
                      A STUNNING FUSION OF AFRO-BEAT, LATIN, FUNK AND REGGAE! Cedric Im Brooks is an old boy of the Alpha School in Kingston, Jamaica, alongside alumni like...
                      • Cedric Im Brooks – Lambs bread collie
                      • Cedric Im Brooks – Sabasi
                      • Cedric Im Brooks – Sabebe
                      • Cedric Im Brooks – Sabayindah
                      • Cedric Im Brooks – Satta massa gana
                      • Cedric Im Brooks – Sly mongoose
                      • Cedric Im Brooks – Ethiopia tikdem
                      • 2×LP£13.99
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                      • CD£11.99
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                      King Tubby & Clancy EcclesSound System International Dub LPPressure Sounds
                      a long lost dub album only discovered In 2009!! the vinyl version repressed as was and the cd version has extra king stitt and the dynamites tunes. killer...
                      • The Dynamites – Dub Star
                      • King Stitt – King Of Kings **
                      • King Stitt & Clancy Eccles – Dance Beat **
                      • The Dynamites & Andy Capp – Phantom **
                      • The Dynamites – Down Town
                      • The Dynamites – Tribute To Drumbago **
                      • LP£12.99
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                      • CD£10.99
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                      New York Latin HustleThe Sound of New YorkSoul Jazz Records
                      New York’s melting pot of Puerto Rican, Cuban and Afro-American musicians led to stunning culture clashes in the 1960s and 70s when Latin styles mixed...
                      • Ismael Quininos – Control
                      • Ray Barretto – Abidjan
                      • Johnny Zamot – Soul Makossa
                      • Cortijo – Sarongo
                      • La Charanga 76 – No Nos Pararan (Aint no Stopping us Now)
                      • Al Escobar – Tighten Up
                      • Alexander Review – Snidely Whiplash
                      • Joe Cuba – Joe Cubas Madness
                      • Johnny Sedes – Mama Calunga
                      • Louie Ramirez – Do It Any Way You Wanna
                      • Harvey Averne – Never Learned to Dance
                      • Willie Colon – Angustia Maternal
                      • Tito Puente – Para Los Rumberos
                      • Jose Mangual – Mai Kinshasa
                      • Seguida – Om Marreo
                      • Eddie Palmieri – Mi Mambo Conga
                      • J Walter Negro – Shoot the Pump
                      • Machito – Alex Mambo
                      • Nature Zone – Porcupine
                      • Candido – Dancin and Prancin
                      • Family Affair – I Had A Friend
                      • Charlie Santiago and Eddie Montalvo – El Bollinski in D7
                      • Mauricio Smith – Doug?s Room
                      • Deluxe 2×CD£12.99
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                      ScientistWorld At WarAuralux
                      Jimmy Riley meets Scientist in dub ! Classic Scientist dub action over tough Sly and Robbie Channel One rhythms all tracks recorded at channel one...
                        • CD£7.99
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