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  • 1. boomslang
  • 2. zharp

ANTHEM ALERT!!! LV made this tough Kwaito house inspired 12” after hooking up with Smiso Zwane aka Okmalumkoolkat from the Cape Town group Dirty Paraffin in South Africa at the end of last year!

‘Boomslang’ is possibly one of the most infectious tracks Hyperdub has ever released. Built around Smiso’s slurred, gravelly vocals raps, its tough galloping drums, sliding cartoonish melody, techy stabs and bubbling analogue riffs work together to give the whole thing a weightless, spacey energy. ‘Zharp’ is a stranger but still catchy track. Smiso’s vocals are chopped up, pitched up and down, repeated and stretched into weird melodies, with little synth interludes breaking them up, and sparse kicks and claps providing a persistent rhythm.