• 1. Bumpin' On Sunset
  • 2. Morning Song
  • 3. Open
  • 4. Friends
  • 5. Narrow River
  • 6. The Want
  • 7. Fluorescent Funk
  • 8. Back To Grasslands
  • 9. Liquid Diamonds
  • 10. Forest Of Fear
  • 11. Andrea
  • 12. Listen

Rare and obscure album of unique low fi synth funk and surf ambience!

From the same folks that co-compiled the awesome ‘Into The Light: A Journey into Greek Electronic Music’, comes this killer album of lo-­fi beach funk and lazy synth jams from Rhode Island keyboardist Leon Lowman!

East Coast synthesizer loving Lowman privately released two albums “Syntheseas” (1980) and it’s follow up cassette only “Sound Horizon” (1982).  Both albums now highly sught-after "liquid Diamonds" brings together the highlights along with previously unreleased material from the time.