Kontext Convex Curved Mirror

    • 1. Convex Curved Mirror
    • 2. Hometown swamp

     ‘Convex Curved Mirror’ kicks things off with instectoid percussive touches and a filtered stab which builds into a complex rhythmic arrangement underpinned by the all-too important gut wrenching sub bass. When the filters open and the percussion reveals itself fully, it’s joined by an fm synth which sweeps across the mix in an almost freeflowing jazz style reminiscent of Minilogue or Matthew Johnson at their best. B-side cut “Hometown Swamp” treads a more dystopian path, with the futuristic dub soundscapes unravelling into a low-slung odyssey punctuated by intricate and balanced percussive flair, further proving Kontext’s ability to take the dubstep template and make it his own. Kontext aka Stanislav Sevostyanikhin, is managing to develop a pedigree of superb standing with the bare minimum of output , unrivalled talent and refusal to be catagorised or limited musically, and this EP is the best way to hear why.