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  • 1. goodbye girl - kuedo remix
  • 2. without you - d brdge revoice
  • 3. lost - flying lotus rework
  • 4. earth a kill ya - gang gang dance rework
  • 5. tears - kiki hitomi revoice
  • 6. spin me around - cooly g revoice
  • 7. goodbye girl - robert aiki aubrey lowe rework
  • 8. say somethin' - joel ford revoice
  • 9. lost - nite jewel rework
  • 10. sumtime - hype williams rework
  • 11. meltdown - kode9 & the spaceape rework
  • 12. earth a kill ya - mala rework
  • 13. goodbye girl - deep chord presents echspace rework
  • 14. come and behold - green gartside revoice
  • 15. cool out - ras g & the afrikan space program rework

We can't recommend this one enough! An epic remix/rework album, re-imagining tracks from King Midas Sound's enthralling debut album 'Waiting For You'. 

'Without You' has had some serious work put into it, reading like a who's who of producers, pretty much everyone on here is a S.O.T.U favourite. A radical selection of producers carefully handpicked by Kevin Martin of KMS. Dbridge revoices 'Goodbye Girl' in his sweet falsetto, Flying Lotus throws down a loose polyrhythmic dancehall rework of 'Lost', Cooly G turns 'Spin Me around' into a modern day lovers rock jam. Kuedo, Nite Jewel, Deep Chord,  Gang Gang Dance, Mala, Hype Williams, Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program, Kiki Hitomi and loads more feature. Would you believe us if we said it was all good? probably not. Take the day off to listen to this, it deserves your full attention. Ruddy brilliant!