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  • 1. Jerry Adriani – Se Penssamento Falasse
  • 2. Wanderley Cardoso – Nao Posso Controlar Meu Pensamento
  • 3. Roberto Carlos – Nao Vou Ficar
  • 4. Jose Roberto – Garotinha
  • 5. Jerry Adriani – Devo Tudo A Voce
  • 6. The Fevers – Superman
  • 7. Roberto Carlos – Todos Estao Surdos
  • 8. Roberto Carlos – Voce Nao Serve Pra Min
  • 9. Jose Roberto – Ja Desliguei
  • 10. Wanderley Cardoso – Luzes Da Avenida
  • 11. Os Incriveis – Vendedor De Bananas
  • 12. Jerry Adriani – Preciso De Voce Agora
  • 13. Os Incriveis – Eu Te Amo Meu Brasil

Influenced by the American rock & roll of the '50s and the British Invasion sounds of the '60s, the Brazil 'Jovem Guarda' movement reached its peak at the mid-sixties. Lots of singers and bands appeared, some of them finding fame and fortune and turning into mega-stars during the next decades.

This compilation focuses on the lesser known and often overlooked singles that were released during the Jovem Guarda years, especially from the late '60s and early '70s, when the movement was close to an end. Here you'll find a superb mix of Brazilian styled groovy, fuzzed-out, psychedelic, soul-ish and beat sounds. Including famous names like Roberto Carlos, Jerry Adriani, Wanderley Cardoso and obscurities like Jose Roberto, this exciting comp will prove that the Jovem Guarda stars could be as groovy as their Tropicalia counterparts. Remastered sound, liner notes in Portuguese and pictures on back.