James Brown's Productions The Godfather's R&B 1962-67

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  • 1. Dizzy Jones – I don't care
  • 2. Bobby byrd – I'm lonely
  • 3. James crawford – Got no excuse
  • 4. Elsie mae – Do you really want to rescue me part one
  • 5. The jewells – lookie lookie lookie
  • 6. James crawford – If you don't work you can't eat
  • 7. James brown – New breed (the boo-ga-loo) part one
  • 8. Anna king – That's when i cry
  • 9. Vicki anderson – Wide awake in a dream
  • 10. Dizzy jones – Unexplainable
  • 11. The poets – Devil's den part one
  • 12. Yvonne fair and the james brown band – It hurts t be in love
  • 13. Rev willingham – That's the spirit
  • 14. James crawford – Help poor me
  • 15. Vicki anderson – Nobody cares
  • 16. Bobby byrd – I'll keep pressing on
  • 17. Yvonne fair – I found you
  • 18. Al brisco clark and his orchestra – Soul food parts 1 & 2
  • 19. Anna king – If you don't think
  • 20. Bobby byrd – I found out
  • 21. Tammy montgomery – I cried

This is a superb new compilation of James Brown's early productions from 1962-67. Featuring super-rare cuts, this CD clearly shows Brown's journey from rockin R'n'B towards the incredible sound of Funk that he made his own. These are every bit as good as his later, more famous, funk productions. Here are early recordings by Bobby Byrd and Vicki Anderson, sought-after dancefloor collector’s items by Elsie Mae and Dizzy Jones, the James Brown band before they became the JBs and Yvonne Fair belting out the original version of James’ ‘I Got You (I Feel Good)’ titled ‘I Found You’. You also have James’ tribute to influences and heroes from his early days with records by the Rev Willingham and the Five Royales, and James lets loose on his organ a couple of times. These recordings are the roots of funk. Super recommended!