Hot Chocolate Hot Chocolate

      • 1. Ain’t That A Groove
      • 2. So Dam Funky
      • 3. Sexy Moods Of Your Mind
      • 4. Messin’ With Sly
      • 5. We Had True Love
      • 6. What You Want To Do
      • 7. What Should I Do

      Not to be confused with English commercial funk outfit, Lou Ragland’s Hot Chocolate trio steamed out of the Cleveland scene in the early ’70s powered by their own recipe of groove forward R&B. Housed in a replica jacket showcasing Dick Dugan’s ubiquitous cartooning,

      Numero is proud to present the first American repressing of this Forest City touchstone since its original release; a steaming mugful of funkier than-thou tunes from the incomparable Ragland songbook.

      Hot is, after all, funk’s ideal serving temperature.

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