Horace Silver Horace-Scope (1960)

Blue Note
  • 1. strollin
  • 2. where you at?
  • 3. without you
  • 4. horace-scope
  • 5. yeah!
  • 6. me and my baby
  • 7. nica's dream

By the time of this album - July 1960 - the Horace Silver Quintet was like a well-oiled machine. Horace Silver plus Junior Cook (ts), Blue Mitchell (t) and Gene Taylor (b) had been together for almost two years. Only the drum chair had changed and Roy Brooks had now replaced Louis Hayes. This change in no way deflected from the superb inter-action between the players and Brooks stamps his style well here. All numbers bar one are composed by Silver. 
Junior Cook puts in some of his best work ever on this album and this alone makes it worth having. Horace Silver never made a bad record and this must rank as one of his best.