Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra Kirk Degiorgio / Theo Parrish / John Morales Remixes

Far Out
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  • 1. vendetta - kirk degiorgio remix
  • 2. keep believing (can you feel it) - Theo Parrish Remix
  • 3. He's Alright - john Morales M&M Dub Mix

MONSTER remixes from Theo Parrish, Kirk Degiorgio and John Morales!


Limited to just 500 copies, this beast of 12" can't be missed. Kirk turns up a heavy acid-flecked tough techno remix of "Vendetta", built strictly for big-room destruction.  Theo Parrish goes into to "solitary Flight" mode with a deep, off-kilter jazzy house rework - sexy and cool. The original disco man John Morales, keeps it grooving with a classic M&M style dub.