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    A riotous mix of pills, thrills and joyous chart hits, this is the untold story of Britain’s greatest rock ’n’ roll gang. Innit.

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      Small Axe Bookzine 17Willi WilliamsMuzik Tree
      Again in conversation with Ray Hurford, Willi Williams touches on his time at Studio 1, his huge hit "Armagideon Time" working with Yabby U and his solo...
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        Stevie WonderBy John Swenson
        Great pics and bio!
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            Small Axe Bookzine 10George FaithMuzik Tree
            "Have some faith in George Faith" declared Lee Perry in 1977, one of Jamaica's great soul reggae singers. Limited Bookzine press 
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              Small Axe Bookzine 16Bob AndyMuzik Tree
              Great interview with Jamaican singer Bob Andy about his time at Studio 1 with Coxsone, as member of The Paragons, duets with Marcia Griffiths and his solo...
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                The Story Of Stevie Wonder (1976)by James Haskins Panther
                1976 Biography
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                  CholombianosBy Amanda WatkinsTrilce Ediciones
                  WICKED LARGE FORMAT USA PHOTO BOOK OVER 50% OFF PRICE!!!!!More than 150 photos on the urban subculture born out of the rich 'sonidero' tradition in Monterrey:...
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                        The Move #6The Move
                        Sixth edition of the excellent London based Move Magazine! This edition features Jazzman, Jitwam, JD Twitch and and more!
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                          All Hopped Up And Ready To GoMusic From The Streets Of New York 1927-1977W.W.Norton
                          WICKED BOOK - 400+ pages USA IMPORT PAPERBACK 60% OFFWicked latin to punk to hip-hop - it's all here! Wow! An incredibly thorough, 450 page history of...
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                            As Serious As Your lifeJohn Coltrane And Beyond By Valerie WilmerSerpent's Tail
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                              1965The Most Revolutionary Year in MusicThomas Dunne Books
                              IMPORT USA HARDBACK 50% OFF 1965 was the year rock and roll evolved into the premier art form of its time and accelerated the drive for personal freedom...
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                                More Axe 9Interviews From The Culture Reggae ArchiveMuzik Tree
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                                  AMERICAN HARDBACK IMPORTThe Making of John Lennon goes behind the scenes of any official Beatles story, uncovering the different sides of John Lennon....
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                                    More Axe 4By Ray HurfordMuzik Tree
                                    The More Axe series continues with edition No.4 that concentrates on the early rootsy dancehall scene 1979 onwards in Jamaica. Not only did the music change,...
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                                      Billie HolidayThe Musician and the MythWindmill Books
                                      Published in celebration of Holiday's centenary, the first biography to focus on the singer's extraordinary musical talent.Drawing on a vast amount of...
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                                        BarrioJose's NeighborhoodHarcourt Brace
                                        Nice Study book about Barrio life. S/hand hardback book.
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                                          Harlem Is NowhereA Journey to the Mecca of Black AmericaLittle, Brown And Company
                                          A walker, a reader and a gazer, Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts is also a skilled talker whose impromptu kerbside exchanges with Harlem's most colourful residents...
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                                            More Axe 8By Ray HurfordMuzik Tree
                                            Roots book featuring articles on Lynn Taitt, U Roy, Max Romeo, Earl 16, Dwight Pinkney, Winston Grennan, Admiral Tibbet, Clevie Browne and Hedley Jones....
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                                              Small Axe Bookzine 7The BlackstonesMuzik Tree
                                              You want to know the story of The Blackstones, one of Jamaica's lesser know vocal harmony groups look no further..a wicked read!
                                                  Lament For Rastafari and Other Playsby Edgar WhiteMarion Boyars
                                                  Lament for Rastafari is part-ritual, part-panoramic vision of black/white relations within the confines of Rastafarian consciousness. It begins in the...
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                                                    Small Axe Bookzine 1Junior BylesMuzik Tree
                                                    Wicked new 50 page bookzine from Small Axe people. Each issue focusing on a single artist with rare photos, biography and discography. plus nice price..
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                                                      Loft Jazz: Improvising New York in the 1970sby Michael C. HellerUniversity of California Press
                                                      "A long-awaited, in-depth study of the loft music phenomena of the 1970s. Based on firsthand accounts, it tells the story of musicians, largely African...
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