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  • 1. Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum and Durr – You're All I Need to Make It
  • 2. Marion Black – Who Knows
  • 3. Kool Blues – I'm Gonna Keep On Loving You
  • 4. Bill Moss – Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother
  • 5. Four Mints – Too Far Gone
  • 6. Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum and Durr – You Can't Blame Me
  • 7. Bill Moss – Number One
  • 8. Four Mints – Row My Boat
  • 9. Ronnie Taylor – Without Love
  • 10. Kool Blues – I Want to Be Ready
  • 11. Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum and Durr – Your Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer
  • 12. Elijah & The Ebonites – Hot Gritts!
  • 13. Ronnie Taylor – I Can't Take It
  • 14. Kool Blues – Can We Try Love Again
  • 15. Four MInts – You're My Desire
  • 16. Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum and Durr – A World Without You
  • 17. Marion Black – Go On Fool
  • 18. Elijah & The Ebonites – Pure Soul
  • 19. Bill Moss – Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother

Wicked compilation of rare sweet soul from the little-known Capsoul label put together with much love by the great Numero label! Lavish package comes with loads of notes and photos in a slipcase. The balance of this record hangs within one song. It's a song about life and death. Of love and loss. One song that has stopped a roomful of people dead in their conversations. A hit, a fluke, and a flop, all in three minutes. A song so powerful and intense that it almost destroyed a label. "You Can't Blame Me" is something special. Right from hearing that first note vibraphonist Billy Wooten played, the guys at Numero knew they were on to something. Two days later they had Bill Moss on the phone. Moss didn't believe it when they told him they were coming to Columbus to talk about the possibility of reissuing the Capsoul records. People had been calling him for years trying to get copies of one 45 or another, a guy in the UK even wanted to do some CDR only compilation. Some had promised money, others "his due," but they had all disappeared. It was understandable that he might be skeptical of three guys who showed up in a purple Saturn stationwagon. But an agreement was reached that day, and a story began to unfiold about one of the greatest midwest soul treasures ever unearthed. The story of Capsoul is not the story of a handful of 45s or their chart positions. It's intertwined with the life of Bill Moss, his ideas, his heart, and for lack of a better word, his soul. He was an activist, a preacher, a songwriter, an entreprenuer, a musician, a father, and at one point a criminal. The Capsoul label was an anomaly then and still is now by record industry standards. At a time when distribution meant showing up at a shop and popping your trunk, a time before the airwaves were strangled by the noose of national play lists, a time when "independent promotion" went by its true name: "payola", Bill Moss might have been another Berry Gordy, The Four Mints, his Miracles and Virgil Johnson certainly would have been his David Ruffin. Of course, we know now that it didn't work out that way. But for a brief moment in the early 1970's there was real magic being committed to tape down in Cap City. These 19 tracks illustrate magnificently the rise, fall, and resurrection of one of the last great artifacts of small label soul, its storied life a secret no more. Following in the tradition of Detroit's Motown Records, the Capsoul label was formed during the early 1970s to bring Columbus, Ohio's local talent to a national audience. Unlike Motown, Capsoul had just a few minor hits over several years before going out of business.

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