Dudley Perkins Expressions (2012 A. U.)

Stones Throw
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  • 1. Funky Dudley
  • 2. Dear God
  • 3. Come Here My Dear
  • 4. Separate Ways
  • 5. Dollar Bill
  • 6. Testin Me
  • 7. Get On Up!
  • 8. Thats The Way Its Gonna Be
  • 9. Coming Home
  • 10. Domestic Interlude
  • 11. The Last Stand
  • 12. Inside
  • 13. Me

As a vocal muse for Madlib’s creations, Dudley is unmatched; he’s earned first pick at Madlib’s prized beat collections. Just like Madvillain or Quasimoto, the Dudley/Madlib combination is a facet unto its own – on par with the most illustrious collaboration projects in Madlib’s catalog. His dynamic sophomore effort, entitled Expressions (2012 A.U.), takes an extended detour in the direction of Parliament’s Mothership Connection. The funk is strong this time around – as is the soul music that brought tears to the eyes of Dudley’s and Madlib’s aunts and uncles back in the golden days. Dudley continues his plaintive, introspective soul-searching – as well as his trademark questions of the future for mankind. As always, his search for goodness and truth is balanced by a robust and hilarious celebration of the good life – the booty life and the weed life.

But expect even funkier dance-floor singles this time – and even more melodious arrangements from Madlib, who again handles all production duties, featured in their instrumental versions on a separate LP.