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  • 1. Den Haan – Theme from Den Haan
  • 2. Neo Filigrante – Emerald Rides the Robot
  • 3. Spacelex – Happy Birthday
  • 4. Murvachix – Replicant's Lament
  • 5. Electric Man – Bubble Wrap
  • 6. Photnz – No Fear
  • 7. Ape Into Jam – 1972
  • 8. The Off Key Hat – Emergency Calling

Excellent third CD from the ace Dissident label, who have been tirelessly pushing out new dance music on extremely limited edition one-sided 12"s for quite a while now!

The music is great and ranges from tracky house to industrial new beat to leftfield disco not disco to camp italo stylings and beyond!

Nicely packaged in a slim slipcase at the bargain price of only £8.99! Plus - if you buy the CD you can email dissident.london@gmail.com to receive a free bonus mp3 track - Brassica 'The Centre'!

Many of these tracks are now completely sold-out on 12" so this is the only place you can get them!

Hopefully this CD will spread the sounds of Dissident far and wide!

Don't sleep! Recommended!