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  • 1. pop pop epic
  • 2. mountain dread march
  • 3. eyez
  • 4. livin different
  • 5. Return II space

This is the first EVER triple pack from UK bass pioneers Digital Mystikz which features highly anticipated and overdue killers!

This six track triple-pack pressed on super loud, super heavy 180 gram vinyl features productions from Mala, one half of Digital Mystikz!  Considered UK underground bass royalty, Digital Mystikz literally bought the london music scene alive with their characteristically bass-heavy deep productions which would later become the blueprint fot the massive bass movement we all lovingly call dubstep!

Influenced by mainly by Jungle and reggae dub soundsystem culture the tracks on 'Return II Space' are some of the most highly anticipated tracks in recent years! Wrapped in tension 'Unexpected' kicks off preceedings, deep quivering sub bass, rolling half-step drums and sci-fi-esque keys action. 'Pop Pop Epic' has an almost regal feel to it, instantly making you pay attention with otherworldly synths and mindblowing bass.  'Mountain Dread March' is exactly as the title suggests, 'Eyez' has to be the most anticipated plate on this release, instantly lovable this one will definitely get you moving. On the final disc 'Livin Different' opens with chinese crashing cymbals and the ever present deep bass, the dread-fuelled 'Return to Space' rounds things off. A bench mark release that pushes the sound forward. 

Meditate on bass weight! Highly Recommended!