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  • 1. Phoenix
  • 2. Aum
  • 3. Soham
  • 4. Offner Himmel I - Gleichzeitig
  • 5. Offner Himmel II
  • 6. Sattwa
  • 7. Morning Glory
  • 8. Soma
  • 9. Surat Shabda
  • 10. Abraxas
  • 11. Susani
  • 12. The Key

The second Deuter album from 1972.

this was his last record before Deuter moved to India and fall under the guru-ship of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. The rock-related moves of D are eradicated, but beautiful atmosphere, echo guitar & experimental form are laid out with ease. Late night pleasure abounds."His first attempt at merging sitars, tablas and flutes to the sounds of birds, wind and water (reflecting Deuter's deep relationship with nature), resulted in an addictive, aesthetic music."

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