Dabke Sounds Of The Syrian Houran

Sham Palace
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  • 1. ahmad al kosem – love is not a joke
  • 2. mohamed al ali – mili alay (sway to me)
  • 3. abu sultan – your love made my head hurt
  • 4. ahmad al kosem – ma dal anouh (i will grieve until i see her again)
  • 5. abu wafsi – deg deg dagdelgo
  • 6. obeid al jum'aa – instrumental mejwiz
  • 7. faraj kadah / ashraf abu leil – afrah houran (houran weddings)

Highly recommended set of electrified Syrian 'dabke' dance cuts, culled by Mark Gergis from cassettes and discs from Damascus, Daraa & Suweida between 1997-2010. The dabke material that circulates is recorded live at weddings and parties across the Levantine Middle East, where the traditional ceremonial music has been embellished with electronic beats and amplification technology, resulting in the amazing dancefloor intensity captured on this compilation.