Chocolate Milk Action Speaks Louder Than Words

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      • 1. Action Speaks Louder Than Words
      • 2. Time Machine
      • 3. My Mind Is Hazy
      • 4. Confusion
      • 5. Pretty Pimpin' Willie
      • 6. Tin Man
      • 7. Chocolate Pleasure
      • 8. People
      • 9. Aint' Nothin' But A Thing
      • 10. Out Among The Stars

      Essential rare groove masterpiece!

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      Bernard WrightNard (1981)Arista

      Rare groove classic! Bernard Wright was part of the Tom Browne/Don Blackman crew that emerged from a musical academy in Queens NY in the late seventies and set the soul/boogie/jazz fusion world alight!

      Super funky album that contains some well known samples!


      • – Haboglabotribin'
      • – Music Is The Key
      • Reissue LP£16.00
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      Gary BartzMusic Is My SanctuaryCapitol

      Classic jazz funk album produced by the brilliant Mizell brothers! Features "Music Is My Sanctuary" and "Carnival De L'esprit"!

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        The HeadhuntersSurvival Of The Fittest (1975)Arista

        Super funky Herbie Hancock spin-off project featuring the musicians from his classic 'Headhunters' album. Includes the ultimate funk track "God Made Me Funky"!

        You need this album! 

        • – God Made Me Funky
        • Reissue LP£16.00
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        Lonnie SmithMove Your Hand (1969)Blue Note

        Oh man, this is so heavy. The super-deep 'Move Your Hand' along with twisted vocals and hypnotic, incessant rhythm is one of the heaviest sounds of all played loud in a club. Bad, bad tune! Tripped out organ funk of the highest level.

        • – Move Your Hand
        Dom Um RomaoDom Um RomaoMuse

        Killer, killer Brazil - jazz fusion with the incredible Batucada of 'Braun Blek Blue'. Essential!

        • – Braun-Blek-Blu
        Alice ClarkAlice ClarkMainstream

        The Holy Grail of modern soul!  Share in the secret and find out why this album is so highly regarded!

        Very highly recommended!

        • – Don't Wonder WHy
        • – Never Did I Stop Loving You
        • – Don't You Care
        • – Hard Hard Promises
        • – Hey Girl
        Terry CallierWhat Color Is Love (1973)Cadet

        Definitive collaboration between Terry Callier and Charles Stepney for Cadet. Features "Dancing Girl" and "You Goin Miss Your Candyman"

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          Gil Scott-HeronThe Revolution Will Not Be TelevisedRCA

          Wicked collection from the man - NUFF tunes!

          • – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
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          Chocolate MilkChocolate Milk (1976)RCA

          New Orleans funk produced by Allen Toussaint

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            Baby HueyThe Baby Huey Story - The Living LegendCurtom

            His only solo album, recorded just before his untimely death: great psychedelic soul featuring a cover of Curtis Mayfield's "Hard Times" and Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come".

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              Gil Scott-Heron And Brian JacksonThe First Minute Of A New Day (1975)Arista

              Classic, radical mid-70's album from Gil and The Midnight Band featuring "The Liberation Song", "Ain't No Such Thing As Superman" and the live spoken word/poem "Pardon Our Analysis"

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                Sun RaLanquidityPhilly Jazz

                The best Sun Ra album! Super-deep, funky odd-ball jazz with spooky whispered vocals! Cult classic deep experimental jazz with an outer-space alien groove! Highly recommended!

                  Herbie HancockMaiden Voyage (1965)Blue Note

                  Brilliant, brilliant album - every track's a winner! Highly recommended!

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                    Roy Ayers UbiquityRed, Black & Green (1976)Polydor

                    Classic Roy Ayers album featuring deep jazz legend Harry Whitaker on keyboards alongside Strata East musicians Charles Tolliver and Sonny Fortune! Funky deep early 1970s soulful jazz and jazz-funk!

                    • – Henceforth
                    • – Red, Black, & Green
                    • – Cocoa Butter
                    • – Rhythms of Your Mind
                    • – Papa Was a Rolling Stone
                      Andrew HillGrass Roots (1968)Blue Note

                      Andrew Hill's best album, very highy recommended!

                      • – Mira
                      Rotary ConnectionHey LoveCadet

                      BACK IN PRINT - LONG OUT!
                      Essential psychedelic soul/rock Rotary Connection album featuring the legendary "I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun", "Love Has Fallen On Me" and more! A Charles Stepney-produced masterpiece! Can't recommend this enough! Ace!

                      • – I Am The Blackgold Of The Sun
                      Gil Scott-Heron & Brian JacksonBridges (1977)Arista

                      A change of style musically as Gil moves from his early/mid-seventies Midnight Band to a sparser keyboard sound provided by partner Brian Jackson on gems such as "Racetrack In France" and "We Almost Lost Detroit".

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                        Doug CarnInfant EyesBlack Jazz

                        MONSTER deep jazz with vocals from Jean Carn. Essential reissue!

                        • – Little Bs Poem
                        • – Acknowledgement
                        • LP£25.00
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                        • CD£16.00
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                        X - Ten Years Of ArtefactsStroboscopic Artefacts

                        Stroboscopic Artefacts releases ‘X – Ten Years Of Artefacts’, a 13-track album curated by label head Lucy featuring genre-defining tracks from Rrose, Lotus Eater, Lucy, James Ruskin, Shifted, Alessandro Adriani and more.

                        • – Lotus Eater - Tripholium
                        • – Shifted - K Pop
                        • – Efdemin - Entropie
                        • – L.B. Dub Corp - Look Shiny
                        • – Rrose - The Myth of Purity
                        • – Lucy - The Goat God
                        • – James Ruskin - From Here On
                        • – Denise Rabe - Paralysed Spheres
                        • – Zeitgeber - Double Down
                        • – Adriana Lopez - It All Adds Up
                        • – Chevel - Va Lavorar
                        • – Alessandro Adriani - Two Journeys
                        • – Serena Butler – Giubia
                        Brown SugarI'm In Love With A Dreadlocks: Brown Sugar and The Birth Of Lovers Rock 1977 - 80Soul Jazz Records

                        Soul Jazz Records are releasing this first ever collection of the pioneering British reggae Lovers Rock group Brown Sugar including rare singles, dubs and extended mixes. The album comes with extensive sleevenotes and interviews with Dennis Bovell, Pauline Catlin, John Kpiaye and Winston Edwards (Studio 16).

                        Brown Sugar were formed by three young teenage girls – Pauline Catlin, Caron Wheeler and Carol Simms in South London in 1976. In the short period of time 1976-1980, the group – working with Dennis Bovell on the mixing desk and John Kpiaye (‘Brownie T) in the studio – recorded barely a handful of singles on the new Lovers Rock label, a number of which went to the top of the UK reggae charts. But success stopped there, and with no album release and no industry support the group broke up in the early 1980s.

                        Following their split Caron Wheeler became the lead vocalist for the hugely successful group Soul II Soul, Carol Simms launched a solo career as Kofi (re-making a number of Brown Sugar songs with producer Mad Professor) and Pauline Catlin returned to education.

                        Despite their relatively low-key mainstream public exposure Brown Sugar (and the label on which their first records appeared) announced to the world a new genre of reggae music, Lovers Rock, which spoke for the first time with the sensibility of a new segment of British society; that of first generation-born Black British female youth.

                        And while Lovers Rock became synonymous with sweet love songs, Brown Sugar’s music in fact expressed far more; a righteous pride and consciousness in being Black and British, a political stance more often associated with UK roots groups like Black Slate, Aswad, Misty in Roots and other British reggae acts in the late 1970s. Brown Sugar were in fact their own genre of ‘conscious lovers rock’ – an expression of ideological black cultural pride.

                        Brown Sugar’s handful of three-minute love songs (often plus extended dubs) somehow manage to encapsulate all the complexities of identity, sexual politics and youthful righteousness of Afro-Caribbean youth living in Britain in the 1970s. Songs such as ‘I’m in Love with A Dreadlocks’, ‘Our Reggae Music’, ‘Black Pride’ and ‘Dreaming of Zion’ spoke with a straightforward righteousness and consciousness that few roots groups could hope to match. The fact that they were all teenagers is even more striking.

                        In the mid-70s British reggae came into being as first generation Black Britain was able to find a voice able to express the issues of growing up British with Caribbean roots. This came about in two different ways – the British roots music of (essentially male) groups such as Aswad, Steel Pulse and Black Slate – and Lovers Rock, the expression of a black essentially (but not totally) female consciousness – Brown Sugar, Louisa Mark, 15-16-17, Marie Pierre, Janet Kay, Carroll Thompson, Jean Adebambo and others. And significantly, while British roots music was a variant on a Jamaican style, Lovers Rock was uniquely British – the first authentic British reggae sound.

                        Dennis Bovell comments, “For Lovers Rock we needed a pulpit, a way of saying ‘this is the style’. Sound systems were already saying ‘this is lovers,’ brandishing it in the dance. Our intention was to create a style of music that my generation could identify with – one that had a beat, and you could dance to with your partner in a sound system setting.”

                        Dennis Bovell’s mixes for the group gave a further dimension to Brown Sugar records – a sound system mentality, adding sound effects and dub elements. ‘I’m in Love with A Dreadlocks’ was the debut release for both Brown Sugar and the Lovers Rock label, a fitting calling card for both. The record was a hit on many sound systems across the UK, reaching the top of the reggae charts.

                        John Kpiaye: “They never put out an album. And all these records were seven-inch singles; when 12-inches turned up it just killed the seven-inch.”

                        Although the career of Brown Sugar was short-lived, their legacy and influence remains significant and now, 40 years on from these first records, all of the members are still involved in music. Pauline Catlin has recently re-launched her career under a new moniker, Shezekiel; Carol Simms, aka Kofi, remains a successful solo artist, one of the queens of Lovers Rock; Caron Wheeler, after leaving Soul II Soul at the end of the 1980s, embarked on a solo career, before re-joining the soul super-group which she continues to front to this day.

                        This new collection brings together all the groups essential recordings for the first ever time and is released as double gatefold heavyweight vinyl + free download (+ full sleevenotes), CD with large booklet, and digital album.

                        • – Black Pride
                        • – Our Reggae Music
                        • – Hello Stranger
                        • – I'm In Love With A Dreadlocks
                        • – Hurtin' (with Dennis Bovell)
                        • – I'm So Proud
                        • – Runaway Love
                        • – Dreaming Of Zion
                        • – Loving Dreadlocks Dub
                        • – You and Your Smiling Face
                        • – Do You Really Love Me
                        • – Proud
                        • – Confession Hurts
                        RroseHymn to MoistureEaux

                        The highly anticipated album debut from Rrose! 'Hymn to Moisture' is the point where forward-thinking techno music converges with the uncharted depths of experimentalism and electronic psychedelia. Absolutely essential!

                        • – Mine
                        • – Bandage
                        • – Columns
                        • – Saliva
                        • – Dissolve
                        • – Horizon
                        • – Open Cell
                        • – Hymn To Moisture
                        • 2×LP£22.99
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                        Fred Wesley And The J.B.'sDamn Right I Am SomebodyPeople

                        Essential funk album, includes the classic "Blow Your Head" ! As serious as it gets - "Damn Right", 'Blow Your Head", "Same Beat", "Watergate' and more. Every home should have this album.

                          Weldon IrvineCosmic Vortex (1974)BMG

                          100% Stone-cold rare groove classic. "Walk that Walk" is a heavyweight monster tune. ESSENTIAL!

                          By 1974, 31 year-old Weldon Irvine was ready for the next phase of his career. Having spent years working variously as a pianist, band leader, composer, arranger and road manager with the likes of Joe Henderson and Nina Simone, his breakout moment as a solo artist finally came in 1974, when he signed with RCA Records. Finally backed with a budget that could match his ambitions, Irvine's first release was Cosmic Vortex, a sprawling, monumental work that embodied a musician at the height of his powers. The result is an album that molds his jazz instincts for free-form improvisation to fit a deep funk aesthetic, but also matched with strong, spiritual lyrics.