Charlie Rouse Bossa Nova Bacchanal (1962)

Blue Note
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  • 1. Back To The Tropics
  • 2. Aconteceu
  • 3. Velhos Tempos
  • 4. Samba De Orfeu
  • 5. Un Dia
  • 6. Meci Bon Dieu
  • 7. In Martinique

An essential album ...

"Rouse's embrace of bossa nova, as well as other Latin and Caribbean music, is firmly rooted in jazz and not American jazz trying to be Brazilian. Rhythmically, Rouse, who is a hard bopper if there ever was one, takes the rhythmic and harmonic concepts of the samba, marries them to Afro-Caribbean folk styles, and burns it all through with the gloriously unapologetic swing of jazz... Ultimately, this is one of Rouse's finest moments as a leader"

Charlie Rouse - tenor saxophone

Kenny Burrell, Chauncey "Lord" Westbrook - guitar

Larry Gales - bass

Willie Bobo - drums

Carlos "Patato" Valdes - conga

Garvin Masseaux - chekere