Chairman Kato Science & Romance (inc. Ekoplekz & Andres Remixes)

Awkward Movements
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  • 1. pressure differentials
  • 2. low rises (andres detroit soul mix)
  • 3. usual drama (ekoplekz remix)
  • 4. unspoken

Refreshingly forward-thinking elecronic beat-based tracks on Awkward Movements.

Chairman Kato's originals are crackling, sumptous bits of music, recalling slow, vintage film soundtracks and muffled techno, and sharing a dusty aesthetic with the most experimental of the LA beat guys.

The remix package is great - Ekoplekz applies his broken arpeggios, bleep techno flourishes and grey drone washes to turn 'Usual Drama' into an immersive electronica cut, and Andres delivers a 'Detroit Soul Mix' harking back to his Slum Village days, scattering rough-cut, lurching drums over a live sounding bassline.