• 1. Orchestra du Groupe Folklorique – Videe
  • 2. orchestra du Groupe Folklorique – mazurka
  • 3. the mighty zebra – medley of old calypso
  • 4. orchestre du fanfant gilbert – vais guadeloupienne
  • 5. brute force steel band – mambo no. 5
  • 6. padu del caribe – bula waya-tumba
  • 7. mebobo's quintet – seven step mebobo's quintet
  • 8. padu del caribe – aura waltz
  • 9. mebobo's quintet – fourth figure of lanceros

Cruise the Caribbean during the mid-twentieth century heyday of "the society ballroom and the honky-tonk [music] of the West Indies." Stop by Martinique, the Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, Trinidad, Antigua and Curacao; dance along to calypso, beguine, vals, videe, seven step, quadrille, bula waya and mambo.

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