Cabaret Voltaire The Original Sound of Sheffield: The Best of '78-'82

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  • 1. Do The Musssolini (Headkick)
  • 2. The Set Up
  • 3. Baader Meinhof
  • 4. Nag Nag Nag
  • 5. Silent Command
  • 6. No Escape
  • 7. This Is Entertainment
  • 8. Obsession
  • 9. Seconds Too Late
  • 10. Split Second Feeling
  • 11. Spread The Virus
  • 12. Yashar
  • 13. Wait and Shuffle
  • 14. Loosen the Clamp

Essential compilation of classic singles and more from Cabaret Voltaire's golden era of the late seventies and early eighties! If you are at all curious about this innovative and influential band then you absolutely need this album! Classic minimal synth/industrial music made from primitive drum machines, tape loops, dubby FX, and processed guitars! Raw, sinister, lo-fi, subversive, and dark! Features the classic tracks Nag Nag Nag and Yashar! Really nicely designed, with a fantastic booklet! Highly recommended!