Bruce Haack The Electric Lucifer

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  • 1. Electric To Me Turn
  • 2. The Word
  • 3. Cherubic Hymn
  • 4. Program Me
  • 5. War
  • 6. National Anthem to the Moon
  • 7. Chant of the Unborn
  • 8. Incantation
  • 9. Angel Child
  • 10. Word Game
  • 11. Song of the Death Machine
  • 12. Super Nova
  • 13. Requiem

Superb experimental electronics-meets psychedelic rock album that will appeal to fans of Broadcast, Stereolab, Add N to X, Silver Apples, and United States of America!


Bruce Haack's The Electric Lucifer is rightly considered one of the masterworks of 20th century electronic music. Originally recorded in 1968-69 and released in 1970, it's an eminently listenable work where pop-psychedelia and Moog/musique concrete sounds coalesce. Acclaimed upon its original release (it was one of Rolling Stone magazine's favorite albums of 1970) yet unavailable for over three decades, The Electric Lucifer is presented here for the first time on CD. Remastered and restored from the original master tapes and featuring two previously unreleased bonus tracks. Deluxe packaging, 24-page full-color booklet with exclusive notes, rare photos and interviews.


Highly recommended!