Bruce Haack Farad: Vocoder Music 1969-1982

Stones Throw
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  • 1. Electric To Me Turn
  • 2. Incantation
  • 3. National Anthem To The Moon
  • 4. Maybe This Song
  • 5. Rain of Earth
  • 6. Rita
  • 7. Man Kind
  • 8. Epilogue
  • 9. Ancient Mariner
  • 10. Lie Back
  • 11. The King Tom Stand Up Lazarus
  • 12. Noon Day
  • 13. Snow Job
  • 14. Program Me
  • 15. Party Machine

Briliant retrospective of material from pioneering electronic music guru Bruce Haack on Stones Throw records!

Up until now, Bruce Haack’s legacy has only existed in the quirks, glitches, and audio signals of techno-luminaries such as Zapp and Kraftwerk, left unacknowledged and relatively unknown.

Haack released material off his own label Dimension 5 Records in 1962, which allowed him to mix kinetic energy, infuse psychedelic philosophy, and pluck sounds from various genres across the board. Adding to his musical pastiches, Haack used home-made modular synthesizers, proto-vocoders, and the heat-touch sensitive Dermatron to expand his music into the technological realm of creativity.

After contributing to commercials, TV shows such as Mister Rogers, and theatre productions, Haack released the acid-rock-techno gem 'Electric Lucifer', a conceptual masterpiece that maps out a war between heaven and hell, and where notions of “powerlove” are mediated through Moog synths. Similar to friend Raymond Scott (who J-Dilla sampled for “Lightworks”), Haack’s facility to create new electronic soundscapes has turned his work into a virtual music library, one whose samples have already been culled by the likes of Cut Chemist.

These 16 tracks here touch on the lush, pysch-electronic grooves of the Electric Lucifer period and extending to his more abstract, angular works, this compilation highlights his use of the Farad, one of the first musical vocoders invented at the time.