• 1. Lizard Point
  • 2. The Lost Day
  • 3. Tal Coat
  • 4. Shadow
  • 5. Lantern Marsh
  • 6. Unfamiliar Wind
  • 7. A Clearing
  • 8. Dunwich Beach, Autumn, 1960

Released in 1982, On Land is Eno's most mature, perfect ambient work. Combining low, rumbling synths with eerie banging and clanking and the occasional wild-animal chirp or grumble, this recording places the listener alone, in the midst of a massive piece of sonic landscaping. And Eno has left no detail to chance. In fact, the work is so complete that when Eno suggests a windswept plain, the listener gets a chill. 

Also we have an extremely rare original vinyl copy! (sticker on front)