Bob Holroyd African Drug - Four Tet / T. Williams Remixes

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  • 1. african drug -four tet remix
  • 2. african drug - t. williams remix

Four Tet and T.Williams remix Bob Holroyd career-defining 1994 anthem 'African Drug'!!!

Clocking in at just under 12 minutes Four Tet's remix is nothing short of epic. Using the African samples of the original, Four Tet builds a complex, glockenspiel-esque melody that slowly morphs into a feast of hypnotic percussion, pulsating sub-bass and dizzying, psychedelic FX. Following a brief remission around the halfway mark, the melody returns, unspooling into a climactic freak-out that's simply classic Four Tet.

On the flipside we have rising star of T.Williams - who also gave us the first Local Action release - re-tooling ‘African Drug' for more leftfield dancefloors. An absorbing, off-kilter percussive intro gradually gives way to a heavy yet streamlined 4/4 groove. Ultra-modern but mindful of the source material's timeless appeal, this is a raw, powerful version with ‘secret weapon' written all over it.