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  • 1. Up
  • 2. Even steven
  • 3. Playing for you
  • 4. Anything but the fingers
  • 5. Us
  • 6. Luxury
  • 7. Blludd manifesto
  • 8. Lonely athene
  • 9. Where do the words come from?
  • 10. Tape r d leg

Off-centre early eighties-sounding electro-synth-pop!

Swerved-psych/soul beatsmith Nathan Jenkins aka Bullion and Owiny Sigoma Band co-founder Jesse Hackett debut their new collaborate project Blludd Relations.

An impressive debut, really well-produced with classy instrumentation. Dubby, analogue synthlines and West Coast-styled vocoder-kissed vocals from Bullion, and Jesse.  Incorporating a world of different influences, with a distinct british technicolour electronic pop sound. Recommended.

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