Black Fire! New Spirits! BOOK Images of A Revolution : Radical Jazz in the USA 1960-75

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      Featuring: John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Pharoah Sanders, Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman, Roland Kirk, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Alice Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, Leon Thomas, Cecil Taylor and more!

      The 100s of stunning photographs in this new deluxe large format hardback book capture the radicalism and self- determination of pioneering jazz artists in the 1960s and early 1970s

      During this era, jazz music in the USA was in an almost constant state of revolution with the music and lives of African-American artists radicalised by civil rights, the avant garde, Black Power and a new spiritual awakening.

      At the start of the 1960s, jazz entered a unique new period of revolution as African-American musicians re-defined the art form in the context of the civil rights movement, afro-centric rhythm and thought and an ideology of black economic empowerment.

      John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders, Albert Ayler and others developed a new cosmology of sound that was as revolutionary as the social and political changes that took place in America throughout the decade. From the musical explorations of John Coltrane, Cecil Taylor and Ornette Coleman, to the collective and community concerns of Chicagos Advancement for Creative Musicians and the black science fiction of Sun Ra, the new jazz musicians created a musical and cultural landscape from which jazz music never looked back.

      This large-format deluxe hardback book features hundreds of stunning photographs of the new jazz musicians in the USA throughout the 1960s presented with introductory essay and biographies on the many artists included in the book.

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                      • The Last Poets – It's A Trip
                      • Don Cherry – Utopia and Visions
                      • Richard Davis – Dealin'
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                          • Ixna – Somebody Said
                          • Leroy Duncann – Dream River
                          • Tom Of England – Neon Green
                          • Toresch – Tocar
                          • Becker & Mukai – La Rivière des Perles
                          • Gramme – Discolovers
                          • Niagara – Ida
                          • Charles Manier – Sift Through Art Collecting People
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                            • Geraldo Pino – Shake Hands
                            • Sonny Okosuns Ozziddi – Dance Of The Elephants
                            • The Wings – We'll Get Home
                            • Alhaji (Chief) Prof. Kollington Ayinla – E Ye Ika Se
                            • Colomach – Kassa Kpa Sama Kpa
                            • Geraldo Pino – Heavy Heavy Heavy
                            • MFB – Beware
                            • Tony Grey and The Ozimba Messengers – You Are The One
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                                    • Dinosuar L – Go Bang (Francois K Mix)
                                    • Lola – Wax The Van
                                    • Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face (Larry Levan Mix)
                                    • Arthur Russell – Keeping Up
                                    • Arthur Russell – In The Light Of The Miracle
                                    • Arthur Russell – A Little Lost
                                    • Loose Joints – Pop Your Funk
                                    • Arthur Russell – Lets Go Swimming (Walter Gibbons Mix)
                                    • Dinosuar L – In The Cornbelt (Larry Levan Mix)
                                    • Arthur Russell – Treehouse
                                    • Indian Ocean – Schoolbell/Treehouse (Walter Gibbons Mix)
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                                    • B Beat Girls – For The Same Man
                                    • Damon Harris – It's Music
                                    • Pylon – Danger
                                    • The Jonzun Crew – Pak Man (Look Out For The OVC)
                                    • Funk Masters – Love Money
                                    • John Sex – Bump and Grind It
                                    • Sylvester – Over And Over (12" Disco Mix)
                                    • The Girls – Jeffrey I Hear You
                                    • Johnny Dynell and New York 88 – Jam Hot (Rhumba Rock)
                                    • Talking Heads – I Zimbra (on CD version only)
                                    • Art Zoyd – Sortie 134 (Part 2)
                                    • Class Action – Weekend (Larry Levan Mix)
                                    • Adiche – Chuka-Ja (Get Ready)
                                    • The Girls – The Elephant Man
                                    • The Golden Flamingo Orchestra – The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us
                                    • Gray – Cut It Up High Priest
                                    • Extra T’s – E.T. Boogie
                                    • Convertion – Let's Do It
                                    • Yoko Ono – Walking On Thin Ice
                                    • Fab 5 Freddy – Change The Beat
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                                      • J.B. Banfi – Gang (For The Rock Industry)
                                      • Michael Garrison – To The Other Side Of The Sky
                                      • Iasos – Lueena Coast
                                      • Carl Matthews – As Above, So Below
                                      • Tim Blake – Midnight
                                      • Stratis – By Water
                                      • Laurie Spiegel – Improvisation On A 'Concerto Generator'
                                      • Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company – Ceres Motion
                                      • Michael Stearns – In The Beginning
                                      • Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Ever New
                                      • Richard Pinhas – Variations VII Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
                                      • Tod Dockstader – Piece #1
                                      • Kevin Braheny – Ancient Stars
                                      • Steven Halpern – Starborn Suite (Part 1)
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                                      • 3×LP (Coloured Vinyl) SJRLP392C£34.00
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                                      Space FunkPOSTERSoul Jazz Records
                                      Oh yes! 50 x 70cm KILLER poster!! Choose "Poster Freepost" if you want this poster sent with any other vinyl order item (LP/12" vinyl only) at NO extra...
                                        Mr. FingersWashing Machine (Red Vinyl Repress)Trax
                                        CLASSIC deep, Chicago house music from Larry Heard!
                                        • – Washing Machine
                                        • – Can You Feel It
                                        • – Beyond The Clouds
                                        • 12" (Coloured Vinyl) TX127RED£11.00
                                          Limited red vinyl repress of 300 copies
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                                          Le DealJazz TraficantesFavorite Recordings
                                          SUPERB, golden-era style jazz set from this talented group of French musicians, Le Deal. Killer, killer release!
                                          • – Jazz Traficantes
                                          • – Riot in Chinatown
                                          • – Custom Agents
                                          • – Mexican Junkanoo Suite (Part 1)
                                          • – Mexican Junkanoo Suite (Part 2)
                                          • – Mexican Junkanoo Suite (Part 3)