Andy Bey Experience And Judgement

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  • 1. Celestial Blues
  • 2. Experience
  • 3. Judgment
  • 4. I Know This Love Cant Be Wrong
  • 5. Hibiscus
  • 6. You Shouldve Seen The Way
  • 7. Tune Up
  • 8. Rosemary Blue
  • 9. Being Uptight
  • 10. A Place Where Love Is
  • 11. Trust Us To Find The Way
  • 12. The Power Of My Mind

Classic album of wicked funky deep jazz vocals!

Andy Bey is well known through his association with saxophonist Gary Bartz - his mellifluous barritone graces several of Bartz' most sought after LPs from the early 70s - but it's on this solo album that he really shines the brightest!

These are real songs delivered in a unique and creative style with an early 1970s indy label deep jazz feel!