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    • Alleviated presents The Gherkin Jerks – Dont dis the beat
    • Alleviated presents The Gherkin Jerks – Tar-disc
    • Alleviated presents The Gherkin Jerks – Acid Indigestion
    • Alleviated presents The Gherkin Jerks – Midi Beats
    • Alleviated presents The Gherkin Jerks – Parameters
    • Alleviated presents The Gherkin Jerks – Meltdown
    • Alleviated presents The Gherkin Jerks – Blast Off
    • Alleviated presents The Gherkin Jerks – Red Planet
    • Alleviated presents The Gherkin Jerks – Saturn V
    • Alleviated presents The Gherkin Jerks – Space Dance
    • Alleviated presents The Gherkin Jerks – Strange Creatures
    • Alleviated presents The Gherkin Jerks – Psychotic Fantasy
    • Alleviated presents The Gherkin Jerks – Ecstasy (original full take)
    • 1. Dont dis the beat
    • 2. Tar-disc
    • 3. Acid Indigestion
    • 4. Midi Beats
    • 5. Parameters
    • 6. Meltdown
    • 7. Blast Off
    • 8. Red Planet
    • 9. Saturn V
    • 10. Space Dance
    • 11. Strange Creatures
    • 12. Psychotic Fantasy
    • 13. Ecstasy (original full take)

    The original 12'' vinyl releases of Stomp The Beat and 1990 were two “Holy Grail” releases of Chicago House as they were only available for a short time before Gherkin Records went into inactive status in around 1991. At the time Larry Heard chose to not disclose the fact that he was the producer behind the Gherkin Jerks EPs. The two releases were a concept of experiments where he dove deeper into the equipment and do some creatively different tracks from his Mr. Fingers sound. These two legendary EPs have been heavily influential on other artists to this day. 

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