• 1. rene halkett, david j – armour
  • 2. suicide – mr ray
  • 3. wire – ambitious
  • 4. damon edge – alliance of hearts
  • 5. dark day – arp's carpet
  • 6. the actor – gentlemen & pettycoats
  • 7. throbbing gristle – united
  • 8. thomas leer – tight as a drum
  • 9. human flesh – every III man
  • 10. carol – breakdown
  • 11. alesia cosmos – the last line
  • 12. subject – i see you
  • 13. bene gesserit – tonight
  • 14. michael rother – feuerland
  • 15. moebius & plank – news
  • 16. iron curtain – lover can never die
  • 17. OMD – of all the things we've made
  • 18. suicide – diamods, fur coat, champagne
  • 19. cabaret voltaire – warm
  • 20. OMD – bunker soldiers
  • 21. drinking electricity – discord dance
  • 22. chris & cosey – driving blind
  • 23. e.M.A.K. – filmmusik
  • 24. neu! – danzig
  • 25. indoor life – voodoo
  • 26. los microwaves – tv in my eye
  • 27. the flying lizards – steam away
  • 28. bene gesserit – kidnapping
  • 29. the dance – looking for the world
  • 30. yukihiro takahashi – taxman
  • 31. the android sisters – robots are coming
  • 32. moebius & plank – nordostliches gefuhl

Last volume of this award-winning 70s/80s electronic-motorik-punk music anthology selected by Stephane Ritzenthaler and Phillippe Pierre-Adolphe - 32 cult, rare or undiscovered tracks, with a detailed biographic booklet. Featuring greats like Suicide, Throbbing Gristle, OMD, David J, Neu!, Indoor Life, Moebius & Plank over two CDs (one "cold" and one "warm"). From Germany to NY, from the mildly eccentric to the dangerously insane, all with machines spluttering out all shades of metallic noise - Recommended!

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