• 1. At The Playground
  • 2. Prayer... Nirvana... Prayer
  • 3. The Lotus Leaf Floats On The Lake
  • 4. It Tolls For Thee
  • 5. Do The Mouse Yea
  • 6. Parade of the Innocents
  • 7. At The Playground [INSTRUMENTAL]
  • 8. Prayer... Nirvana... Prayer [INSTRUMENTAL]
  • 9. The Lotus Leaf Floats On The Lake [INSTRUMENTAL]
  • 10. It Tolls For Thee [INSTRUMENTAL]
  • 11. Do The Mouse Yea [INSTRUMENTAL]
  • 12. Parade Of The Innocents [INSTRUMENTAL]

Following up on 2016's superb retrospective on Music From Memory, US label Intelligent Instruments focus on new material from Vito Ricci. 'Music for Amiga' is Ricci’s first vinyl record of original music in decades. This project was made on the Commodore Amiga (with it's infamous sound chip) composing all the pieces on 'Music Mouse' - Laurie Spiegel's pioneering software from the mid-80s.

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