• Various Artists – Dog Eat Dog - Max Harris
    • Various Artists – Jw Special Vocal - Graham Lyons
    • Various Artists – A Bowl Of Soul - Tom Watt
    • Various Artists – Forge Ahead Vocal - Graham Lyons
    • 1. Boogie - Jacek Malinwsko
    • 2. Your Dad Was A Good Cop - Janette Mason
    • 3. Good Articulation - Midas Touch
    • 4. Oats And Barley - Threshold
    • 5. Dads Peregrination - Midas Touch
    • 6. Tropic Breeze - Fonteyn Sam
    • 7. Dog Eat Dog - Max Harris
    • 8. Viva - Max Middleton
    • 9. M15 Theme - Jerzy Matuszkiewicz
    • 10. Creme De Menthe - Tadeuz Klimonda
    • 11. Blue Funk - Midas Touch
    • 12. Foxy Lady - Laurie Holloway
    • 13. Planters Punch - Zbigniew Gorny
    • 14. White Lady - Zbigniew Gorny
    • 15. Funky Soul Thing - Ken Woodman
    • 16. Jw Special Vocal - Graham Lyons
    • 17. A Bowl Of Soul - Tom Watt
    • 18. Forge Ahead Vocal - Graham Lyons
    • 19. Bidin Times - Max Middleton
    • 20. Superfunc - Zbigniew Gorny
    • 21. Whisky Sour - Janusz Popalswki
    • 22. Crushed Ice - Zbigniew Gorny
    • 23. Pokusa - Alexander Maloszewsi
    Top compilation of super funky rare library music from the Standard Music Library as used in all those great 70s cop shows and spy films! Will appeal to fans of blaxploitation soundtracks like Superfly and Shaft! Warning: may cause you to attempt to reinact Starsky and Hutch-style action sequences in your living room....

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