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    • The Unknown Cases – Memo Walk
    • Projekt X – Ich Brauch Ein Bischen Zärtlichkeit
    • Dominik Von Senger – Track Of Sample
    • Francesco Agostini – Ba-Ba-Ba
    • Die Art – A.N
    • Stefan Thelen & Olek Gelba – Der Weg Nach Innen (Aussen)
    • 1. Memo Walk
    • 2. Ich Brauch Ein Bischen Zärtlichkeit
    • 3. Track Of Sample
    • 4. Ba-Ba-Ba
    • 5. A.N
    • 6. Der Weg Nach Innen (Aussen)

    Originally released in 1985,  the "Off Record No.1 Stollwerck Sampler" LP contained a collage of post-punk, krautrock, dub and avant-garde music and presented here on this special 6 track sampler 12" from Emotional Rescue some 30 years later. 

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    NiagaraNiagara / S.U.B / AfireMIG Music

    Remastered Double CD issue of this killer cosmic german percussion masterpiece featuring the legendary Klaus Weiss, Udo Linderberg, Paul Vincent and more! Special expanded edition with THREE albums; the classic self titled album, "S.U.B" and "Afire". 

    • – Sangandongo
    • – Malanga
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    RastafariSoul Jazz Records

    Soul Jazz Records new album Rastafari: The Dreads Enter Babylon 1955-83 charts the many links between reggae music and the Rastafarian religion.

    Spanning nearly 30 years of revolutionary music and featuring the music of Count Ossie, Johnny Clarke, The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari, Ras Michael and The Sons of Negus, Bongo Herman, Roy Ashanti (The Congos), Earth & Stone, Mutabaruka and many more, this is an in-depth look at some of the most unique and righteous music ever made and comes complete with a 40+ page outsize booklet, containing exclusive photography and extensive historical and contextual sleevenotes.

    The new religion of Rastafari emerged in Jamaica during a time of intense political and social change in the 1930s. The first stirrings of anti-colonialism and workers’ rights were in motion, while Marcus Garvey’s Back-to-Africa movement was beginning to wane. But the pivotal catalyst to the birth of the Rastafari faith was the crowning of a black king in Africa in 1930.

    One of the earliest mentions of Ethiopia in Jamaican music can be found on mento singer Lord Lebby and the Jamaican Calpysonians’ 1955 recording ‘Etheopia’. In the song Noel Williams, aka Lord Lebby, discusses Ethiopianism, the political movement that calls for a return to Africa for black people.

    The 1960s saw the emergence of the first Rastafarian music on record with Count Ossie’s Rastafarian drummers. The visit of Haile Selassie to Kingston in 1966 was like an electric current throughout Kingston’s music scene – many of who had become adherents to the Rastafari faith.  By the 1970s Rastafarianism become practically synonymous with reggae, as many roots reggae artists became known throughout the world, led by the success of Bob Marley and The Wailers.

    At the source of the music of Rastafari is the figurehead master drummer and leader Count Ossie, who first bought the deeply spiritual nyabinghi and burro rhythms heard and played at sacred Rastafarian grounation (reasoning) sessions into popular Jamaican music through his many collaborations and performances with artists – from The Skatalites to The Folks Brothers - and producers – including Clement Dodd, Prince Buster and Harry Mudie.

    At the start of the 1970s Count Ossie formed the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari with saxophonist Cedric Brooks, which immediately became the most significant group of the Rastafari faith, bringing together authentic rasta nyabinghi drumming together with spiritual and avant-garde jazz influences of Sun Ra, John Coltrane and Albert Ayler into a truly unique and groundbreaking sound.

    As ‘roots reggae’ artists in the 1970s continued to spread the word of Jah (God) in their music, Rastafari reggae became the ultimate rebel sound throughout the world.

    This album comes in three separate formats: Deluxe CD with slipcase and 40-page outsize booklet featuring stunning photography plus text, deluxe limited-edition heavyweight gatefold-vinyl edition + free download code (w/full sleeve notes etc) and as a worldwide digital release.


    "This may be the most righteous compilation to come from the Soul Jazz stable to date, as they focus on links between the Rastafarian religion and reggae music." IRISH TIMES

    "Soul Jazz's most recent in a line of high-quality compilations" PITCHFORK

     "Ambitious but incredibly informative compendium from Soul Jazz Records" BLEEP

    "Outstanding compilation from the masters, Soul Jazz"  HOT SALVATION

    "Fascinating compilation of deep Rastafari themed music" DUB VENDOR 

    Read full Pitchfork feature here

    • Count Ossie & The Rasta Family – Africa We Want Fe Go
    • Johnny Clarke – None Shall Escape The Judgement
    • Laurel Aitken – Haile Selassie
    • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari – Tales of Mozambique
    • Ras Michael – Booma Yeah
    • Mutabaruka – Say
    • Bongo Herman & Jah Lloyd – African Drums
    • Ashanti Roy – Hail The Words Of Jah
    • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari – Sam's Intro
    • Bongo Herman, Les and Bunny – Salaam
    • Winston and Ansell – Zion I
    • Techniques All Stars – Zion I Version
    • Lord Lebby & The Jamaican Calypsonians – Ethiopia
    • Count Ossie and Leslie Butler – Soul Drums
    • The Heaven Singers – Rasta Dreadlocks
    • Rod Taylor – His imperial Majesty
    • QQ – Betta Must Come
    • Earth and Stone – Jah Will Cut You Down
    • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari – Narration
    • Ronald Downer & Count Ossie – A Ju Ju Wa
    • 1. Count Ossie & The Rasta Family – Africa We Want Fe Go
    • 2. Johnny Clarke – None Shall Escape The Judgement
    • 3. Laurel Aitken – Haile Selassie
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    Brother ResistanceRapso Take OverLeft Ear

    Originally released in 1986, Brother Resistance's 'Rapso Take Over' blends calypso, reggae, disco, funk and poetry to create the artist’s signature Rapso sound - a progressive form of poetry from Trinidad and Tobago. 

    • – Star Warz Rapso
    • – Wars In Space Dub
    • – Wars In Space Dub
    • – Ring De Bell (Part 1)
    • – Children Of Soweto
    • – Children Of Soweto
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    Kamasi WashingtonThe EpicBrainfeeder

    Three hours of deep, percussive jazz from the Snoop 'tour support' and Flying Lotus collaborator, Kamasi Washington.  

    Triple vinyl tracklisting:

    A1. Change of the Guard

    A2. Isabelle

    A3. Final Thought

    B1. The Next Step

    B2. Askim


    C1. The Rhythm Changes

    C2. Leroy and Lanisha C3. Re Run

    D1. Miss Understanding

    D2. Henrietta Our Hero

    D3. Seven Prayers

    D4. Cherokee

    E1. The Magnificent 7

    E2. Re Run Home

    E3. Malcolm's Theme

    E4. Clair de Lune

    E5. The Message

    • – Change of the Guard
    • – Askim
    • – Isabelle
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    Afro​-​Haitian Experimental OrchestraAfro​-​Haitian Experimental OrchestraGlitterbeat

    Analog synthesisers and raw psychedelic guitars join the mix yielding an unheard and unholy mixture of  Haitian voodoo rhythms, Afrobeat drumming and electronic textures. The album is inspired as much by Krautrock and Sun Ra as Lagos or Port-au-Prince. Flying on inspiration and adrenaline, this is roots music for the global future - Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra is lead by the great Tony Allen! 

    • – Salilento
    • – Chay La Lou
    • – Yanvalou
    • – Bade Zile
    • – Poze
    • – Pa Bat Kòw
    • – Wongolo
    • – Mon Ami Tezin
    Chimurenga RenaissanceGirlz With GunzGlitterbeat

    Chimurenga Renaissance merge hip hop and African instrumentation on this LP release. Feat. Tendai Maraire of Shabazz Palaces. 

    • – I See You For Who You Are
    • – Our Purpose Is Forever
    • – Everything Comes Off Tonight
    • – I Like You The Way You Are
    • – Nunya Buziniez
    • – Queenz With Cannnonz
    • – She Is The Fairest Of Them All
    • – Prepare To Shoot
    • – Peace Always Has A Price
    • – When It's True Love, Shoot Farther
    • – Girlz With Gunz
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    The FunkeesNow I'm a ManPMG

    Has there ever been a band as aptly named as The Funkees? Formed after the Biafran War to raise spirits in the east, they quickly conquered the dance floors of Lagos and in 1973 headed to London, playing at Ronnie Scott’s and tearing up the local scene. Now I’m A Man captures the band at the height of their London-era pomp. Africans were making soca, West Indians were playing afro-funk and discolypso blasted from boom boxes across West London. The Funkees soaked it all up and delivered back, funkier, tighter and louder.

    • – Now I'm a Man
    • – Korfisa
    • – Dance With Me
    • – Mimbo
    • – Patience
    • – Salam
    • – Time
    • – 303
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    Semi Colon Ndia Egbuo Ndia Comb & Razor Sound

    The Comb & Razor Sound label show off a very lavishly packaged double-disc Nigerian afro-rock masterpiece!  

    Recorded in 1978, Semi Colon was an experimental response to Fela Kuti's then-dominant afro-beat sound, substituting Fela's horn's and jazz leanings with wiry electronic guitars and a passion for vintage rock 'n' roll.  Reissued by the same label that bought us "Lagos Disco Inferno" and "Brand New Wayo" - extensive liner notes! The vinyl includes bonus 7" disc-featuring the never-before released 1975 demo recording "Our Fada" - Limited to first 1,000 copies

    • – Ebenebe
    • – Isi Agboncha
    • – Giam Blow
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    • 2×CD£15.99
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