• LP CRZR1002-LP£18.99
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    • 2×CD CRZR1002CD£15.99
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    • Semi Colon – Ebenebe
    • Semi Colon – Isi Agboncha
    • Semi Colon – Giam Blow
    • 1. Ebenebe
    • 2. Isi Agboncha
    • 3. True Fine Mama / True Fine Woman
    • 4. Giam Blow
    • 5. Yanga (Okongwu)

    The Comb & Razor Sound label show off a very lavishly packaged double-disc Nigerian afro-rock masterpiece!  

    Recorded in 1978, Semi Colon was an experimental response to Fela Kuti's then-dominant afro-beat sound, substituting Fela's horn's and jazz leanings with wiry electronic guitars and a passion for vintage rock 'n' roll.  Reissued by the same label that bought us "Lagos Disco Inferno" and "Brand New Wayo" - extensive liner notes! The vinyl includes bonus 7" disc-featuring the never-before released 1975 demo recording "Our Fada" - Limited to first 1,000 copies

    Other Releases on Comb & Razor Sound

    Rock Town ExpressFunky MakossaComb & Razor Sound
    Reissue of Rock Town Express’s debut LP of 1974, 'Funky Makossa' that was recorded for ARC Records, the cutting-edge studio and label...
    • Rock Town Express – Funky Makossa
    • Rock Town Express – Tell Me My Life
    • Rock Town Express – Dear Doctor
    • Rock Town Express – No One Else (But Me)
    • Rock Town Express – We're Makin' A Hell
    • Rock Town Express – If You Love Your Neighbour You No Go Die
    • Rock Town Express – Sweet Rock Town

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    Eddie HoranI'm Gonna Speak OutHDM
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    Nguuni Lovers LoversCheza NgomaDreambeach
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    • Nguuni Lovers Lovers – Beth Kathini
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    Eddie HoranLove The Way You Love MeHDM
    1979 soul and funky disco album from member of the Jackson 5's songwriting team the Sultans of Soul.
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    Heavenly Ethiopiques: The Best Of The Ethiopiques SeriesVarious ArtistsHeavenly Sweetness
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    •  Seyoum Gèbrèyès – Hamétègnaw 
    •  Ayaléw Mèsfin – Terèdjew nèbèr 
    • 1.  Alèmayèhu Eshèté – Tashamanalètch 
    • 2.  Seyoum Gèbrèyès – Hamétègnaw 
    • 3.  Ayaléw Mèsfin – Terèdjew nèbèr 
    • View full info and tracklisting
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    PampidooGhetto RockMeeuw Muzak
    BACK IN STOCK!! What a tune ! Beats by Tapes and voices by Pampidoo
    • Pampidoo – Ghetto Rock
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    • Super Djata De Bamako – Konadou
    • Super Djata De Bamako – Yamba
    • Super Djata De Bamako – Maliden
    • Super Djata De Bamako – Bimoko Magnin
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    Studio One RocksteadyRocksteady, Soul and Early Reggae At Studio OneSoul Jazz Records
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    • Cecille Campbell – Whisper To Me
    • The Heptones – Party Time
    • The Gaylads – Joy In The Morning
    • Marcia Griffiths – My Ambition
    • The Heptones – Love Won't Come Easy
    • Alton Ellis – Hurting Me
    • The Wailing Souls – Row Fisherman Row
    • Ken Boothe – Home Home Home
    • Jackie Mittoo – Our Thing
    • Ken Boothe – When I Fall In Love
    • Larry & Alvin – Throw Me Corn
    • Duke Morgan – Lick It Back
    • Carlton and The Shoes – Me and You
    • Dennis Brown – Easy Take It Easy
    • The Classics – Pack Up
    • Ken Boothe – Moving Away
    • 2×LP£23.00
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    • MP3 Release£7.99
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    Sun RaWhen Sun Comes Out (1963)Saturn Research
    When Sun Comes Out finds Ra working with the Arkestra once more.T he sound is given a cosmological context and cut with an exotic ambience.
      • New LP £13.99
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      Holger CzukayOn The Way To The Peak Of NormalGroenland Records
      Oddball, krautrock experiements from the idiosyncratic composition savvy of Can's Holger Czukay. Features the infamous DJ Harvey 'Sarcastic Disco' spin,...
      • Holger Czukay – On The Way To The Peak Of Normal
      • Holger Czukay – Witches Multiplication Table
      • Holger Czukay – Fragrance
      • Holger Czukay – Ode to Perfume
      • LP£17.99
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      Africa BoogalooThe Latinization Of West AfricaHonest Jon's
      Beautiful funky percussive Afro-Latin compilation on Honest Jon's! West African music has always incorporated music from other continents, American...
      • orchestre OK jazz – a moins que namikosa
      • le grand kalle, don gonzalo, manu dibango – africa boogaloo
      • orchestre yaya mas – rampa rampa
      • rio band – vamos a bailar
      • amara toure – n'niyo
      • CD£11.99
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      • 2×LP£15.99
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      Hugh MundellAfrica Must Be Free By 1983Message
      40th Anniversary Re-press!Without a doubt this is one of the finest Roots albums of all time ! An absolute classic, every track's a killer The first...
      • Hugh Mundell – Lets All Unite
      • Hugh Mundell – My Mind
      • Hugh Mundell – Africa Must Be Free By 1983
      • Hugh Mundell – Book Of Life
      • LP£16.00
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      • CD£16.99
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      • LP£13.99
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      Sabu MartinezAfro TempleTico
      The holy grail of Latin Funk! Originally released in Sweden in the late 70s, this was Sabu Martinez's supreme left-field heavy, heavy, heavy latin funk...
      • Sabu Martinez – Meapestaculo
      • Sabu Martinez – Afro temple
      • Sabu Martinez – All camels hump
      • Sabu Martinez – Hotel alyssa-sousse, tunisia
      • New LP £12.99
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      The Unknown Cases / Projekt X / Dominik Von Senger / Francesco Agostini / Die Art / Thelen & Olek GStollwerck Sampler Emotional Rescue
      Originally released in 1985,  the "Off Record No.1 Stollwerck Sampler" LP contained a collage of post-punk, krautrock, dub and avant-garde music...
      • The Unknown Cases – Memo Walk
      • Projekt X – Ich Brauch Ein Bischen Zärtlichkeit
      • Dominik Von Senger – Track Of Sample
      • Francesco Agostini – Ba-Ba-Ba
      • Die Art – A.N
      • Stefan Thelen & Olek Gelba – Der Weg Nach Innen (Aussen)
      • 1. The Unknown Cases – Memo Walk
      • 2. Projekt X – Ich Brauch Ein Bischen Zärtlichkeit
      • 3. Dominik Von Senger – Track Of Sample
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      Tenor Saw / PyceralJohn CrowRookie
      Tune ! Heavy jump up version of "no wuk on a sunday" from Tenor Saw and Pyceral, produced by Donovan Germain.
      • Tenor Saw / Pyceral – John Crow
      • 7"£3.99
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      Afro​-​Haitian Experimental OrchestraAfro​-​Haitian Experimental OrchestraGlitterbeat
      Analog synthesisers and raw psychedelic guitars join the mix yielding an unheard and unholy mixture of  Haitian voodoo rhythms, Afrobeat drumming...
      • Afro​-​Haitian Experimental Orchestra – Salilento
      • Afro​-​Haitian Experimental Orchestra – Chay La Lou
      • Afro​-​Haitian Experimental Orchestra – Yanvalou
      • Afro​-​Haitian Experimental Orchestra – Bade Zile
      • Afro​-​Haitian Experimental Orchestra – Poze
      • Afro​-​Haitian Experimental Orchestra – Pa Bat Kòw
      • Afro​-​Haitian Experimental Orchestra – Wongolo
      • Afro​-​Haitian Experimental Orchestra – Mon Ami Tezin
      Screw DriverComputer RuleSunset
      Digital bomb, don't delay !
      • Screw Driver – Computer Rule
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      Chimurenga RenaissanceGirlz With GunzGlitterbeat
      Chimurenga Renaissance merge hip hop and African instrumentation on this LP release. Feat. Tendai Maraire of Shabazz Palaces. 
      • Chimurenga Renaissance – I See You For Who You Are
      • Chimurenga Renaissance – Our Purpose Is Forever
      • Chimurenga Renaissance – Everything Comes Off Tonight
      • Chimurenga Renaissance – I Like You The Way You Are
      • Chimurenga Renaissance – Nunya Buziniez
      • Chimurenga Renaissance – Queenz With Cannnonz
      • Chimurenga Renaissance – She Is The Fairest Of Them All
      • Chimurenga Renaissance – Prepare To Shoot
      • Chimurenga Renaissance – Peace Always Has A Price
      • Chimurenga Renaissance – When It's True Love, Shoot Farther
      • Chimurenga Renaissance – Girlz With Gunz
      • LP£11.99
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      Psych Funk Sa-Re-Ga!Seminar: Aesthetic Expressions Of Psychedelic Funk Music In India 1970-1983World Psychedelic Funk Classics
      Twenty Indian Psych-funk masterpieces from the label that brought you Psych-Funk 101 and Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas!!! Much of the music on this...
      • The Black Beats – The Mod Trade
      • X'Lents – Psychedelia
      • R.D. Burman – Dance Music From Hare Rama Hare Krishna
      • R.D. Burman – Freak Out Music
      • Asha Bhosle With R.D. Burman – Dum Maro Dum Live (Edit)
      • CD£15.99
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      • 2×LP£22.99
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      The FunkeesNow I'm a ManPMG
      Has there ever been a band as aptly named as The Funkees? Formed after the Biafran War to raise spirits in the east, they...
      • The Funkees – Now I'm a Man
      • The Funkees – Korfisa
      • The Funkees – Dance With Me
      • The Funkees – Mimbo
      • The Funkees – Patience
      • The Funkees – Salam
      • The Funkees – Time
      • The Funkees – 303
      • LP£21.99
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      • CD£13.99
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      Psych-Funk 101: 1968-1975 A Global Psychedelic Funk CollectionVarious ArtistsWorld Psychedelic Funk Classics
      Killer funky fuzzy psychedelic tracks from 60s and 70s Nigeria, Iran, Turkey, Russia, South Korean and beyond!!!! Psych-Funk 101 showcases the global...
      • husnu ozkartal orkestrasi – su derenin sulari
      • kukumbas – respect
      • kim sun – the man who must leave
      • mehr pooya – ghabileh-ye lily
      • george garanian with the melodiya jazz ensemble – the big search
      • 2×LP£23.99
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      • CD£13.99
        Out of stock
      Junior MurvinCool out sonJoe Gibbs
      Tuff roots tune on a remake of Studio 1 "Real Rock" rhythm
      • Junior Murvin – Cool out son
      • 7"£3.99
        Out of stock
      Johnny ClarkeNone Shall Escape The JudgementClocktower
      Big roots tune from 1975 that made his name, song written by Earl Zero with a killer King Tubby dub throwing them cymbals around the studio.
      • Johnny Clarke – None Shall Escape The Judgement
      • King Tubby – Judgement Dub
      • 7"£4.99
        Out of stock