The Son Of P.M Hey Klong Yao!: Essential Collection of Modernized Thai Music from the 1960s

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    • The Son Of P.M – Manohraluifai (talung)
    • The Son Of P.M – Ra Cha Khlong Jhao (klong yao)
    • 1. Manohraluifai (talung)
    • 2. Hey Klong Yao (klong yao)
    • 3. Ra Cha Khlong Jhao (klong yao)
    • 4. Horse Step Dance (guaracha)
    • 5. Monkla (ram wong)
    • 6. Graw Taloong (Krao Talung) (krao)
    • 7. Sad Chatree (talung)
    • 8. Kaektoimor (talung)
    • 9. Long Drum Song (merenge)
    • 10. Phoo Yai Lee (a go-go)
    • 11. Talung Nang Yak (talung)
    • 12. Thoranee Kan Saeng (talung)
    • 13. Chinese Fan Dance (a go-go)
    • 14. King of Drums (a go-go)

    Mind-bendingly cool 1960s recordings by the band The Son Of P.M., one of the leading lights of the Thai Shadow Music scene!

    Inspired by an influx of Western rock and pop music (including British guitar band The Shadows), The Son Of P.M. developed their own style of modernized Thai music, combining traditional Thai instruments with Western keyboards, drums and electric guitars. The result was a seductive, intoxicating blend of Thai melodies merging with elements of rock, surf, go-go, Latin and blues.

    The music on this anthology is an excellent example of this spirit of openness and adventure, a rocking, rollicking parade of undeniably Thai music, relentlessly propulsive and energetic, informed by musical developments from around the globe.  A true hybrid which creates energy instead of merely conserving.

    Amazing stuff!

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