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  • 1. Afternoon On Rat Island
  • 2. The Diamond Dive
  • 3. Almost Morning
  • 4. The Dream
  • 5. Eva's Arrival
  • 6. Luciano's Regret
  • 7. Here Comes The Beasts
  • 8. Endless Sunset

One of Jonny Trunk's favorite contemporary artist returns with a new release. This limited edition (only 250) 10" vinyl picks up where the debut release "1970" left off. The Franco-English duo are back with a psychological journey full of romance and drama. Again the emphasis is on vintage instruments and live performance. Exploitation movie soundtracks influences are seamlessly mixed with classical composition, in a way that never falls into pastiche. This record will enchant fans everywher of seventies library and film music. All copies come with free download code.

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