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  • 1. Ivory Road
  • 2. Justine
  • 3. Shoebox At Sea
  • 4. Magic Plastic Home
  • 5. The Cat Is Missing
  • 6. Death Is Alive
  • 7. Man On Bridge
  • 8. Night Bird
  • 9. The Stalk
  • 10. Coast Ghost
  • 11. Justine Reprise

The Kramford look are pierre duplan & dan wood. they are expert sound recorders, music historians and highly skilled musicians, who have delved into their own memory banks creating music reminiscent of forgotten tv soundtracks from "obscue as you like" avant-garde recordings up to the immense beauty of records like Serge Gainsbourg's melody nelson. producing an end result which would be the hypothetical ost to an unreleased Tim Burton movie from..1970 plus sleevenotes from Jonnys Trunks.

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