The Greg Foat Group Girl And Robot With Flowers

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    • The Greg Foat Group – Girl And Robot With Flowers (Part I)
    • The Greg Foat Group – Have Spacesuit Will Travel (Part I)
    • The Greg Foat Group – Girl And Robot With Flowers (Part II)
    • The Greg Foat Group – Cast Adrift
    • The Greg Foat Group – Blues For Lila
    • 1. Girl And Robot With Flowers (Part I)
    • 2. Have Spacesuit Will Travel (Part I)
    • 3. Girl And Robot With Flowers (Part II)
    • 4. Girl And Robot With Flowers (Part III)
    • 5. For A Breath I Tarry
    • 6. Cast Adrift
    • 7. Girl And Robot With Flowers (Part IV)
    • 8. Girl And Robot With Flowers (Part V)
    • 9. Have Spacesuit Will Travel (Part II)
    • 10. Clear Skies Select Stick
    • 11. Blues For Lila
    • 12. Girl And Robot With Flowers (Part VI)

    **Repressed Greg Foat classic!**

    Greg Foat's second album for Jazzman, offers 12 beautiful tracks of cinematic sci-fi jazz, seductive ambience and majestic drama! British pianist/composer/arranger Greg Foat uses everything from brass bands and kettle drums, to Moog synthesizer and harmonium, to take us above and beyond the stratosphere of our senses!

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    The Greg Foat GroupLandscapes (RSD 16)Jazzman
    10" - £15.99Record Store Day 2016 release. Greg Foat's music evokes a spirit of time and place. The 1960s (and early 70s) was a time when British modern...

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      • Amirtha Kidambi Elder Ones – Kali-Yuga
      Jai HoShort Story from Tabla, Drums & Trumpet / Oye MaiaJazzman
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      • Sokratis Votskos Quartet – Quadrum Waltz
      • Sokratis Votskos Quartet – Sevenates
      • Sokratis Votskos Quartet – Syncopatient
      • Sokratis Votskos Quartet – Sketching the Unknown
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      The Nat Birchall QuartetThe Storyteller: A Musical Tribute to Yusef LateefJazzman
      U.K. jazz saxophonist and Jazzman mainstay Nat Birchall delivers 'The Storyteller', his album that pays tribute to the late, great, Yusef Lateef. Includes...
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Tales of Saba
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Ching Miau
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Love Theme from Spartacus
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Mashariki
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Morning
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Ringo Oiwake
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Brother John
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Willow's Walk
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Not Yet Ornette
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Inward Flight
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Salaam Brother Yusef
      SteamheatAustin FunkJazzman
      Jazzman continue to focus in on the 'holy grail' releases of Fable records with a reissue of Steamheat's jazzy funk masterpiece from 1975, 'Austin Funk'!
      • Steamheat – Keep Your Eyes on Your Merchandise
      • Steamheat – Love Is Not Such An Easy Game To Play
      • Steamheat – Radiator
      • Steamheat – Body Talk
      • Steamheat – Funk 'N' Roll
      • Steamheat – Since I Met You
      • Steamheat – Ghetto Tool
      • Steamheat – Groove Awhile
      • Steamheat – Frozen Tundra Lady
      Forty Seven Times Its Own WeightCumulo NimbusJazzman
      Jazzman continue their 'holy grail' series with this incredible rare album from Texas based jazz outfit, Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight. Obscure and...
      • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – Weedhopper
      • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – March Of The Goober Woobers
      • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – 47 Tears
      • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – Jig
      • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – Halyards
      • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – Cumulo Nimbus
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      The Don Rendell / Ian Carr QuintetChange IsJazzman
      Jazzman reissue of the highly sort after, rare as hens teeth, British jazz classic from The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet, "Change Is". Exact replica,...
      • The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet – Elastic Dream
      • The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet – Mirage
      The Don Rendell / Ian Carr QuintetLiveJazzman
      Reissue of The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet "Live" LP. A classic from British jazz and the Lansdowne catalogue. Exact replica reissue!
      • The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet – On Track
      Spiritual Jazz 9: Blue Notes, Part 1Various ArtistsJazzman
      Jazzman continue their spiritual jazz series, turning their focus towards the legendary Blue Note archives. Featuring essential tracks from Wayne Shorter...
      • Bobby Hutcherson – Verse
      • Pete La Roca – Basra
      • Wayne Shorter – Footprints
      • Elvin Jones – At This Point In Time
      • Andrew Hill – Poinsettia
      • Eddie Gale – The Rain
      • Duke Pearson – Empathy
      • Bobby Hutcherson – Searchin' The Trane
      • Duke Pearson – The Phantom
      • Freddie Hubbard – Assunta
      Las Vegas Grind Vol. 7Various ArtistsJazzman
      After scouring the greasy basement dives of the netherworld, Jazzman finally managed to locate the manic mastermind responsible for the original six volumes...
      • Savoys – Blo Jangs
      • Low Rocks – Snooker Final
      • Frank Scott – She Said
      • Gay Papa – Gay Papas Cha Cha
      • B Bubba – I'd Rather Swish Than Fight
      • Escorts – Little Big Horn
      • UBs Group – Sneaky Pete
      • Abstracts – The Beard
      • Louie & The Fat Men – Fat Man
      • Leo Valentine Trio – Behind the Outhouse
      • Los Virreyes – El Pato
      • Alonzo & Boppers – Juicy Melon
      • Bob Moore & The Temps – Braggin
      • Little Louie & The Finger Cymbals – Shirley
      • The Original Spacemen – Gemini Rock
      • Y-Dells – Sneakin Away
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      A New Life Vol. 2Various ArtistsJazzman
      Jazzman revive their highly acclaimed 'A New Life' compilation with 'Vol. 2', assembling another ground-breaking collection of Brit jazz anomalies and...
      • Gerry McClelland – Come, Listen to Me
      • Don Rendell Five – Unicorn
      • Billy Jenkins – Pharoah Sanders
      • Frank Evans – Pipe of Peace
      • Hotpoints – Put the Wood on the Fire
      • Inner Ear – Dunkelfunk
      • RedBrass – Sunspots
      • Big Sun – I Dream Of
      • Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra – Down in the Hollow
      • Robert Shaw & The Dick Hawdon Quintet – A North Country Lass Tells Her Sorrows
      • Big Baffle – Bikini Atoll
      • Music Explosion – Bending over Backwards
      • Pat Crumly Sextet – Senufo Chant
      Orbiting somewhere between the interplanetary funk of Sun Ra and the cinematic experimentation of Floating Points lies the new album Earth from the spiritually...
      • Emanative – Dawn Child (Sunrise)
      • Emanative – Heaven's Mirror (feat. Idris Ackamoor & David Molina)
      • Emanative – Ìyáàmi (feat. Dele Sosimi)
      • Emanative – Spice Routes (feat. Nat Birchall)
      • Emanative – Sandhyavandanam
      • Emanative – Egosystem (Solar Noon)
      • Emanative – Reflection (feat. Nat Birchall & Liz Elensky)
      • Emanative – New Day (feat. Ahu)
      • Emanative – Heaven's Mirror (Reprise)
      • Emanative – Minute's To Midnight For This Planet
      • Emanative – Raga Requiem (Dusk)
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      James TatumContemporary Jazz MassJazzman
      James Tatum's stunning, spiritualised Contemporary Jazz Mass is one of the only true jazz masses ever released. Inspired by Duke Ellington's Sacred Concerts,...
      • James Tatum – Introduction
      • James Tatum – Lord Have Mercy Glory
      • James Tatum – Alleluia
      • James Tatum – Offertory
      • James Tatum – Holy, Holy, Holy
      • James Tatum – Amen
      • James Tatum – The Lords Prayer
      • James Tatum – Kiss Of Peace
      • James Tatum – Lamb Of God
      • James Tatum – Communion
      • James Tatum – The Theme (Live) [CD ONLY]
      • James Tatum – Lotta Chant, Pt. 1 (Spiritualotta) [Live] [CD ONLY]
      • James Tatum – Lotta Chant, Pt. 2 (Spiritualotta) [Live] [CD ONLY]
      • James Tatum – Lotta Blues (Spiritualotta) [Live] [CD ONLY]
      • James Tatum – To a Rose (Live) [CD ONLY]
      • James Tatum – Zoombah Lu (Live) [CD ONLY]
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      The Greg Foat GroupLandscapes (RSD 16)Jazzman
      10" - £15.99Record Store Day 2016 release. Greg Foat's music evokes a spirit of time and place. The 1960s (and early 70s) was a time when British modern...
        The TopicsWanted Live! By A Million GirlsJazzman
        ** Remastered and reissued funky 80's soul gem. Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies ** Original copies of this exchange hands for £1000 so this...
        • The Topics – Keep Dancin'
        • The Topics – Rose
        • The Topics – Sing a Happy Song (And All That's Bad Is Gone)
        • The Topics – Man
        • The Topics – Choice of a Million Girls
        • The Topics – Inflation
        • The Topics – I Can't Help It
        • The Topics – What You Tryin' to Do to Me?
        Lloyd MillerA Lifetime In Oriental JazzJazzman
        Awesome spiritual, modal & ethnic jazz from the pioneer of the genre, Lloyd Miller! This is the definitive anthology of pioneering ethno-musicologist,...
        • Lloyd Miller – gol-e gandom (wheat flowers)
        • Lloyd Miller – le grand bidou
        • Lloyd Miller – gozel guzler (version II)
        • Lloyd Miller – gol-e gandom
        • Lloyd Miller – hue wail
        • Lloyd Miller – shur thing
        Spiritual Jazz: Esoteric Modal and Deep Jazz From the Underground 1968-77Various ArtistsJazzman
        This is ace! The great Jazzman reissue label come correct once again with this tremendous compilation of indy label deep jazz rarities from the late sixties...
        • James Tatum Trio – Introduction
        • Lloyd Miller – Gol-E Gandom
        • Morris Wilson Beau Bailey Quintet – Paul's Ark
        • Ndikho Xaba & the Natives – Nomusa
        • The Frank Derrick Total Experince – No Jive
        • Hastings Street Jazz Experience – Ja Mil
        • Leon Gardner – Be There

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        Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2Experimental German Rock and Electronic Music 1972-83Soul Jazz Records
        Soul Jazz Records’ new Deutsche Electronische Musik 2 is our second voyage into the world of German electronic music from the 1970s and early 1980s.This...
        • A.R. & Machines – Globus
        • Can – Halleluwah
        • Roedelius – Le Jardin
        • Michael Rother – Karussell
        • Popol Vuh – Der Grosse Krieger
        • Michael Hoenig – Sun and Moon
        • Agitation Free – You Play for Us Today
        • DAF – Co Co Pino
        • Harald Grosskopf – Emphasis
        • Amon Duul II – A Morning Excuse
        • Conrad Schnitzler & Wolf Sequenza – Fata Morgana
        • Broselmaschine – Nossa Bova
        • Eno, Moebius and Roedelius – Base & Apex
        • Gila – In A Sacred Manner
        • Wolfgang Riechmann – Himmelblau
        • A.R. & Machines – Als Hatt Ich Das Alles Schon Mal Gesehen
        • Gila – Sundance Chant
        • Neu – Isi
        • Pyrolator – Danger Cruising
        • Sergius Golowin – Die Weisse Alm
        • You – Electric Day
        • Niagara – Gibli
        • Popol Vuh – Ja Sie Sollen Gottes Kinder Heissen Agnus Dei
        • Rolf Trostel – Der Prophet
        • Electric Sandwich – China
        • Asmus Tietchens – Zeebrugge
        • Faust – Krautrock
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        • Deluxe 2×CD£12.99
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        Deutsche Elektronische MusikExperimental German Rock and Electronic Music 1972-83Soul Jazz Records
        AVAILABLE AGAIN! Soul Jazz Records new 2018 edition of their long out of print classic first “Deutsche Elektronische Musik – Experimental German Rock...
        • Can – Aspectacle
        • Between – Devotion
        • Harmonia – Dino
        • Gila – This Morning
        • Kollectiv – Rambo Zambo
        • Michael Bundt – La Chasse Aux Microbes
        • E.M.A.K – Filmmusik
        • Popol Vuh – Morgengruss
        • Conrad Schnitzler – Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal
        • La Düsseldorf – Rheinita
        • Harmonia – Veterano
        • Faust – It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl
        • Neu! – Hallo Gallo
        • Cluster – Heisse Lippen
        • Ibliss – Hi Life
        • Dieter Moebius – Hasenheide
        • Amon Duul II – Fly United
        • Popol Vuh – Aguirre 1
        • Ash Ra Tempel – Daydream
        • Tangerine Dream – No Man's Land
        • Amon Duul II – Wie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Strasse
        • Roedelius – Geradewohl
        • Can – I Want More
        • Deuter – Soham
        TV Sound and ImageBritish Television, Film and Library Composers 1956-80Soul Jazz Records
        The 36 track 2CD album comes with 50-page book featuring text, biographies and photography. It also comes in a limited run two volume double-vinyl super-loud...
        • Barry Stoller – Condition Red
        • Pentangle – Light Flight
        • Geoff Love – Three Days Of The Condor
        • The Tony Hatch Sound – Man Alive
        • Richard Denton and Martin Cook – Tomorrow's World
        • Brian Fahey – At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal
        • Bullet – The Contract Man
        • Syd Dale – Man Friday
        • The Laurie Johnson Orchestra – Echo Four Two
        • Keith Papworth – Hard Hitter
        • John Barry – The Persuaders
        • Roy Budd – Getting Nowhere In A Hurry
        • The Simon Park Orchestra – Dawn to Dusk
        • The Marylebone Orchestra – Fiesta Numero Uno
        • Birds 'n' Brass – Sort of Soul
        • Johnny Gregory and his Orchestra – The Avengers
        • Johnny Harris – Fragment of Fear
        • Roy Budd – Get Carter
        • Neil Richardson – Guide Path
        • Brian Bennett – Canvas
        • Wil Malone – Death Line
        • Syd Dale – Huckleberry Fine
        • The Harry Roche Constellation – Spiral
        • The Ivor and Basil Kirchin Band – Jungle Fire Dance
        • The Laurie Johnson Orchestra – The New Avengers Theme
        • James Clarke – Folk Song
        • The Reg Tilsley Orchestra – Strike Rich
        • The Barry Gray Orchestra – Joe 90
        • Keith Mansfield – Soul Thing
        • CCS – Whole Lotta Love
        • Syd Dale – Artful Dodger
        • John Gregory – Jaguar
        • Nick Ingman – Down Home
        • Barbara Moore – Steam Heat
        • Alan Parker – Angels
        • Alan Moorhouse – Face Up
        • Deluxe 2×CD£12.00
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        • 2×LP Vol.1£23.00
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        • 2×LP Vol.2£23.00
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        • MP3 Release£8.99
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        Gene ChandlerThere Was A TimeJazzman
        ESSENTIAL Northern soul 7"!! Gene Chandler knocks James Brown's version out of the park. Barnstorming, pounding northern soul of the highest calibre,...
        • Gene Chandler – There was a time
        • Gene Chandler – Those were the good old days
        • 7"£6.99
          Out of stock
        Clarence Wheeler And The EnforcersDoin What We WannaAtlantic
        Includes the killer dancefloor organ funk tune "Right On"! Highly recommended.
        • Clarence Wheeler And The Enforcers – Right On
        • Reissue LP£8.99
          Out of stock
        • Original LP£40.00
          Out of stock
        Brother Jack McDuffTobacco Road (1967)Atlantic
        Smokin soul jazz organ funky jazz on Atlantic, 67. Includes the righteous 'Can't Get Satisfied'. Original gatefold heavy laminate sleeve USA vinyl Original...
        • Brother Jack McDuff – can't get satisfied
        • Original LP£20.00
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        Weldon IrvineLiberated Brother (1972)Nodlew Music
        Words cannot describe the beauty of Weldon Irvine's music. 'Liberated Brother' (later covered by Horace Silver) is one of two seminal albums released on...
          Afro Funk Gems Volume Three Guynamukat
          More explosive afro funk gems!  We head to Columbia for Wganda Kenya for the catchy & vocal masterpiece ''Bayesa'' before some French African...
          • Bayesa – Wganda Kenya
          • Atide O Sika – M'Bambina
          • 7"£5.99
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          Ahmed Abdul-MalikThe Music Of Ahmed Abdul-MalikNew Jazz
          Excellent Jazz with an eastern flavour from bassist and oud player Malik.
            • Reissue LP£12.99
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            Andrew HillGrass Roots (1968)Blue Note
            Andrew Hill's best album, very highy recommended!
            • Andrew Hill – Mira
            • Reissue LP£13.99
              Out of stock
            Soul Jazz Records presents Eddie RussFresh Out (1974)Soul Jazz Records
            Soul Jazz Records are re-releasing keyboardist Eddie Russ’s seminal debut deep jazz LP Fresh Out (and the first album ever released on Soul Jazz Records!)...
            • Eddie Russ – The Lope Song
            • Eddie Russ – All But Blind
            • Eddie Russ – Shamading
            • Eddie Russ – Hill Where The Lord Hides
            • Eddie Russ – You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
            • Eddie Russ – Watergate Blues
            Unknown / Improper Trax The Heat Improper Trax
            *One-sided bullet* The hot new rework from a mystery producer of Chicago '80s classic "It's You." A chest-thudding jackin, dancefloor-focussed killer....
            • Unknown / Improper Trax – The Heat
            • 12"£8.49
              Out of stock
            Wayne ShorterSpeak No EvilBlue Note
            Classic mid-sixties Blue Note period album from Miles Davis' saxophonist, Wayne Shorter! Essential modal jazz featuring Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock,...
            • Wayne Shorter – Witch Hunt
            • Wayne Shorter – Fee Fi Fo Fum
            • Wayne Shorter – Speak No Evil
            • Wayne Shorter – Infant Eyes
            • CD£7.99
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            • New LP (180g) + Download Code£21.99
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            Andrew HillPoint Of DepartureBlue Note
            Reissue of classic 60s Blue Note jazz album, featuring Kenny Dorham, Eric Dolphy, Joe Henderson and Richard Davis.
            • Andrew Hill – Refuge
            • New LP £21.99
              Out of stock
            • CD£7.99
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            Studio One IronsidesOriginal Classic Recordings 1963 - 1979Soul Jazz Records
            Soul Jazz Records continues to dig deeper into the vaults of the mighty Studio One, the most important record label in the history of Reggae music. Founded...
            • Fabian Cooke – Mother and Child
            • Marcia Griffiths – Mark My Word
            • Freddie McGregor – I Man A Rasta
            • Prince Jazzbo – Natty Ting A Ling
            • The Paragons – Danger In Your Eyes
            • Drum Bago & The Rebel Group – Reggae Version
            • Don Drummond – Nanny's Corner
            • The Stingers – Rasta Don't Stop No One
            • Lone Ranger – Three Mile Skank
            • The Soul Sister – Another Night
            • Freddie McGregor – Come Now Sister
            • Dennis Alcapone – Joe Frazier
            • The Soul Brothers – Soho
            • Alton Ellis – Can I Change My Mind
            • Johnny Osbourne – Jealousy, Heartache and Pain
            • The Gladiators – Bongo Red
            • Pablove Black – Jamrec Dub
            • Cornel Campbell – I'm Still Waiting
            Joe DukesThe Soulful Drums Of Joe Dukes with The Jack McDuff QuartetPrestige (1964)
            • Joe Dukes – Greasy Drums
            • Original LP£100.00
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            Wendell HarrisonReawakeningTribe
            Collection of rare Tribe releases from Wendell Harrison. 
              • Reissue LP£11.99
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              Louisa 'Markswoman' MarkBreakoutUniversal Sound
              Louisa Markswoman Mark’s debut album, Breakout, is a landmark in the history of British reggae music, a seminal album that defined the new genre...
              • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – People In Love
              • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Moving Target
              • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – 6 Six Street
              • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Baby Simone
              • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Even Though You're Gone
              • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Funny Guys
              • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Keep It Like It Is
              • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Dance And Feel Free
              • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Reunited
              • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – He Used To Be My Man
              • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Natty Go Dey Voluntarily
              • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Step It Brother Clem
              • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Gone Out
              • CD£12.00
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              • 2×LP£14.99
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              • MP3 Release£7.99
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              Barre PhillipsThree Day MoonECM
              Grand LP from one of ECM secret treaures!
                • New LP £13.99
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                Tubby HayesIntroducing Tubbs (1961)Epic
                1961 deep British jazz
                  • New LP (180g)£13.99
                    Out of stock
                  Invasion Of The Mysteron Killer Sounds in 3-DCompiled by Kevin Martin (The Bug) and Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records)Soul Jazz Records
                  Kevin Martin (aka The Bug) and Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records) have collaborated on a unique project bringing together new, exclusive and in-demand cutting-edge...
                  • Steely & Clevie – Street Sweeper
                  • Lenky & Sly – Now Thing
                  • Roots Manuva – Doogoo Dub
                  • Dave Kelly – The Return
                  • Harvel 'Gadaffi' Hart – Summer Bounce
                  • Federation Sound – Flatlands (Brooklyn Dub Mix)
                  • Steven 'Lenky' Marsden – Diwali
                  • Matt Shadetek – Yoga Rhythm
                  • Stereotyp ft. Alleycat – Modern Times
                  • Da Grynch and Tippa Irie – Agony
                  • Fresh Ear Productions – Hummer
                  • Diplo – Diplo Rhythm
                  • Harmonic 313 – Bazooka Riddim
                  • Marlon Williams – Pitbull
                  • Redlight – MDMA
                  • The Bug – Aktion
                  • Fat Eyes – Clothes Pin
                  • Steven Ventura – Throw Your Hands Up
                  • Sly Dunbar and Christopher Birch – Corners Boy
                  • David Jahson – King of Kings
                  • Fat Eyes – Steel Plate
                  • South Rakkas Crew – Red Alert
                  • Parara and McCoy – Them Can't Hold Yuh Girl
                  • King Tubby – Fat Thing Version
                  • World Beat – Goldmine
                  • Andre 'Suku' Gray – Sign
                  • Henfield and Shadowman – Babatunde
                  • Firehouse Crew – No False Hair
                  • Computer Paul – World Talk
                  • Fat Eyes – Overdose
                  • Prince Jazzbo – Great Dub
                  • Kickin' Productions – What You Gonna Do
                  • Pliers – I'm Your Man Dub
                  • Wiz Kidz Team – In My Heart Version
                  • Jammys Jam2 James – Peenie Peenie
                  • Deluxe 2×CD£12.00
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                  • 2×LP Vol.1£18.99
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                  • 2×LP Vol.2£18.99
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                  • MP3 Release£8.99
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                  Barre PhillipsJournal Violone IIECM
                  Underappreciated upright bass-man, 1979
                    • New LP £13.99
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                    SparkleSparkleCultures Of Soul
                    Cultures of Soul reissue Sparkle’s mega-rare, self-titled album which, many disco afficionados would agree, delivers the goods from start to finish!Sparkle...
                    • Sparkle – Six Million Steps
                    • Sparkle – You
                    • Sparkle – Let Yourself Go
                    • Sparkle – Disco Madness
                    • Sparkle – Dabooza
                    • Sparkle – Down The Way
                    • Sparkle – The Rock
                    • LP£22.99
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                    Eric DolphyOut To Lunch!Blue Note
                    Eric Dolphy's most adventurous album. Recorded in February 1964.
                      • CD£7.99
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                      • New LP (180g)£13.99
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                      The PharaohsAwakeningLuv N' Haight
                      Limited repress of a deep, spiritual, Afro-centric Jazz classic! The Pharaohs 'Awakening' was originally released in 1971 - essential!
                      • The Pharaohs – Damballa