• Dekula Band – Dr Chaurongo
    • Dekula Band – Zembwela
    • Dekula Band – Bi Bi Theresa
    • Dekula Band – Didier
    • Dekula Band – AIE Mwana
    • Dekula Band – Congo Acoustic
    • 1. Dr Chaurongo
    • 2. Zembwela
    • 3. Bi Bi Theresa
    • 4. Didier
    • 5. AIE Mwana
    • 6. Congo Acoustic

    The debut album from the sensational live act Dekula Band. Centered around the legendary guitar player Dekula Kahanga (who was in the leading dance orchestra in Tanzania during the 70’s and 80’s: Orchestra Maquis Original).

    Dekula Kahanga and the singer Gaby are both from Congo and with the other members coming from Kenya, Uganda, Senegal and Sweden they all bring their special influences to the infectous and hypnotic style of soukous that they have refined over the years. Now they have finally been into a recording studio and made an album that's bursting with energy, playfulness and grace from a unique band.

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