Michal Turtle Are You Psychic? / Astral Decoy

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    • Michal Turtle – Are You Psychic?
    • Michal Turtle – Astral Decoy
    • 1. Are You Psychic?
    • 2. Astral Decoy

    Music From Memory present two deeply forward thinking electronic tracks from British musician Michal Turtle made between 1983 and 1984.

    The first track ‘Are you Psychic?’ is taken from Turtle’s obscure ‘Music From The Living Room’ album which Michal recorded in the living room of his family’s South London house at the age of 22. The tracks were built around live jams and whilst seemingly sample based the instruments were played live and any voices or sound effects were recorded directly to tape.
    ‘Astral Decoy’ was made in the year following the release of his only solo LP and forms part of a series of unreleased tracks that reflect a growing interest in combining electronics with more analogue elements such as Xylophone and live percussion. 

    This 12” serves as an introduction to a wider compilation of Michal Turtle's works which is to follow on Music From Memory.

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