Mary Lou Williams Black Christ Of The Andes

    Down At Dawn
    • Mary Lou Williams – Miss D. D.
    • Mary Lou Williams – Praise The Lord
    • 1. Black Christ Of The Andes
    • 2. It Ain't Necessarily So
    • 3. The Devil
    • 4. Miss D. D.
    • 5. Anima Christi
    • 6. A Grand Nite For Swingin
    • 7. My Blue Heaven
    • 8. Dirge Blues
    • 9. A Fungus Amungus
    • 10. Praise The Lord

    Reissue of one of the most highly regarded pieces of music by the great pianist and composer Mary Lou Williams. A concept release that muses the convergence of 'jazz' and 'spiritual' music. From the dark, smokey atmospheres of the "devil's music" to the luminous sound of the African American church - an essential album!

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    Mary Lou WilliamsMary Lou Williams (1964)Smithsonian Folkways
    100% ESSENTIAL AND DEEP super-quality Mary Lou Williams 1964 LP reissue. This is a brand new KILLER Smithsonian reissue - complete with super-thick Smithsonian...
    • Mary Lou Williams – Miss D.D.
    • Mary Lou Williams – My Blue Heaven
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    • CD£12.99
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    Mary Lou WilliamsThe Best Of Mary Lou Williams (1980)Pablo Records
      • Original LP£15.00
        Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original USA LP Vinyl, sticker removal mark
        100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' or your money back!
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      Mary Lou WilliamsBlack Christ of the Andes (1964)Smithsonian Folkways
      Super-rare and highly sought-after classic modal jazz album finally reissued!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
      • Mary Lou Williams – It Ain't Necessarily So
      • Mary Lou Williams – Miss D.D.
      • Mary Lou Williams – Koolbonga
      Mary Lou WilliamsFootnotes to Jazz, Vol. 3: Jazz Rehearsal, I (1950)Smithsonian Folkways
      After rediscovering a tin box full of acetate recordings of jazz rehearsal sessions, Folkways founder Moe Asch pieced together a sequence that shows the...
      • Mary Lou Williams – Little Joe
      Mary Lou WilliamsMary Lou Williams: The Asch Recordings 1944-47 (1977)Smithsonian Folkways
      Originally recorded and released in 1944, Mary Lou Williams recorded exclusively for Asch during this period. Williams's style was in a state of transition...
      • Mary Lou Williams – Roll Em
      • Mary Lou Williams – Satchel Mouth Baby
      • Mary Lou Williams – Persian Rug
      Mary Lou WilliamsMary Lou's MassSmithsonian Folkways
      The long-awaited reissue of Mary Lou Williams's magnum opus of religious jazz: Mary Lou's Mass. Newsweek called the score "an encyclopedia of black music,...
      • Mary Lou Williams – Willis
      • Mary Lou Williams – O.W
      • Mary Lou Williams – Credo
      Mary Lou WilliamsThe History of Jazz (1978)Smithsonian Folkways
      • Mary Lou Williams – Medi I (Modern Blues Jazz)
      • Mary Lou Williams – Nite Life (Kansas City Swing)
      Mary Lou WilliamsZodiac Suite (1945)Smithsonian Folkways
      Originally released in 1945, Smithsonian Folkways proudly celebrated the 50th anniversary of the original Asch Records release of Mary Lou Williams' work,...
      • Mary Lou Williams – Gemini
      • Mary Lou Williams – Leo
      • Mary Lou Williams – Aquarius
      Mary Lou WilliamsZoningSmithsonian Folkways
      Thirteen tracks (including previously unreleased version of Syl-o-gism and Gloria) embodying her always-distinctive compositions, lyricism, power, and...
      • Mary Lou Williams – Medi II
      • Mary Lou Williams – Rosa Mae
      • Mary Lou Williams – Gloria

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      P. AllenFishermanShella Records
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      Skull SnapsSkull SnapsMr Bongo
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      • Skull Snaps – It's A New Day
      • Skull Snaps – I'm Your Pimp
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      Dom Salvador e AboliçaoSom, Sangue e RaçaMad About Records
      The album ‘Som, sangue e raça’ paves the way for future generations of musicians and producers of the 'carioca' scene at the beginning of the 1970s....
      • Dom Salvador e Aboliçao – Uma Vida
      • Dom Salvador e Aboliçao – Guanabara
      • Dom Salvador e Aboliçao – Hei! Você
      • Dom Salvador e Aboliçao – Som, Sangue E Raça
      • Dom Salvador e Aboliçao – Tema Pro Gaguinho
      • Dom Salvador e Aboliçao – O Rio
      • Dom Salvador e Aboliçao – Evo
      • Dom Salvador e Aboliçao – Number One
      • Dom Salvador e Aboliçao – Folia De Reis
      • Dom Salvador e Aboliçao – Moeda, Reza E Côr
      • Dom Salvador e Aboliçao – Samba Do Malandrinho
      • Dom Salvador e Aboliçao – Tio Macrô
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      Eugene McDanielsHeadless Heroes Of The ApocalypseAtlantic (1971)
      Classic psychedelic funk now re-issued on 180 gram vinyl. Sampled by 'A Tribe Called Quest', 'The Beastie Boys' and more. Highly recommended!
        • New LP (180g)£19.99
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        • CD Obi Strip£9.99
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        Charles RouseTwo Is OneEverland Jazz
        Everland Jazz reissue the highly sought after, Strata East classic from Charlie Rouse, Two Is One. A massive jazzrock album in the vein of SOFT MACHINE;...
        • Charles Rouse – Bitchin'
        • Charles Rouse – Hopscotch
        • Charles Rouse – In A Funky Way
        • Charles Rouse – Two Is One
        • Charles Rouse – In His Presence Searching
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        Carrie ClevelandLooking Up: The Complete WorksKalita Records
        Kalita Records presents the first ever and definitive discography of Carrie Cleveland. An expanded version of her 1978 album ‘Looking Up’, including...
        • Carrie Cleveland – Looking Up
        • Carrie Cleveland – Make Love To Me
        • Carrie Cleveland – I Need Love
        • Carrie Cleveland – Take Me To A Disco
        • Carrie Cleveland – Take A Moment
        • Carrie Cleveland – Love Will Set You Free
        • Carrie Cleveland – Take Me To A Disco (Instrumental)
        • Carrie Cleveland – I Need Love (7” Issue Version)
        • Carrie Cleveland – Make Love To Me (7” Issue Version)
        • Carrie Cleveland – Take A Moment (7” Version)
        • Carrie Cleveland – I Need Love (7” Promotional Version)
        • Carrie Cleveland – Make Love To Me (7” Promotional Version)
        • Carrie Cleveland – I’ve Got A Feeling
        • LP + 7"£25.99
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        • CD£10.99
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        Le Syndicat ElectroniqueLe Syndicat ElectroniqueMannequin
        Mannequin Records present a retrospective of music by French electro / minimal synth character, Le Syndicat Électronique - a project by Alaxis Andreas...
        • Le Syndicat Electronique – Abstraite Relation
        • Le Syndicat Electronique – Under Pressure
        • Le Syndicat Electronique – Sacrifice
        • Le Syndicat Electronique – Close To You
        • Le Syndicat Electronique – Body Wave
        • Le Syndicat Electronique – Blood & Flesh
        • Le Syndicat Electronique – The Men Who Killed The Beat
        • Le Syndicat Electronique – Hidden
        • Le Syndicat Electronique – Transmission 001
        • Le Syndicat Electronique – I Like You…
        • Le Syndicat Electronique – Sweet Violence
        • Le Syndicat Electronique – En Partance
        • Le Syndicat Electronique – Excès
        • Le Syndicat Electronique – Grandeur Et Décadence
        • Le Syndicat Electronique – Faux Semblants
        • Le Syndicat Electronique – For Your Life!
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        Duke PearsonI Don't Care Who Knows It (Deluxe Expanded Remastered Edition)Blue Note / Wallen Bink
        The first ever complete release of the '68, ‘69 and ’70 sessions on a deluxe, limited edition double 180g vinyl album. This Duke Pearson album was...
        • Duke Pearson – Canto Ossanha
        • Duke Pearson – Xibaba
        • Duke Pearson – I Don't Know
        • Duke Pearson – Upa Neguinho
        • Duke Pearson – Captain Bacardi
        A New Life Vol. 2Various ArtistsJazzman
        Jazzman revive their highly acclaimed 'A New Life' compilation with 'Vol. 2', assembling another ground-breaking collection of Brit jazz anomalies and...
        • Gerry McClelland – Come, Listen to Me
        • Don Rendell Five – Unicorn
        • Billy Jenkins – Pharoah Sanders
        • Frank Evans – Pipe of Peace
        • Hotpoints – Put the Wood on the Fire
        • Inner Ear – Dunkelfunk
        • RedBrass – Sunspots
        • Big Sun – I Dream Of
        • Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra – Down in the Hollow
        • Robert Shaw & The Dick Hawdon Quintet – A North Country Lass Tells Her Sorrows
        • Big Baffle – Bikini Atoll
        • Music Explosion – Bending over Backwards
        • Pat Crumly Sextet – Senufo Chant
        • 2×LP£22.99
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        • CD£10.99
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        Andy BeyShades Of BeyKoKo Music
        First-time-on-vinyl issue of Andy Bey's underrated 1998 album, 'Shades Of Bey', following his previous, classic album debut, 'Experience And Judgment'...
        • Andy Bey – Like A Love (O Cantador)
        • Andy Bey – Midnight Blue
        • Andy Bey – Get It Straight (Straight No Chaser)
        • Andy Bey – Pretty Girl (The Starcrossed Lovers)
        • Andy Bey – River Man
        • Andy Bey – Dark Shadows
        • Andy Bey – Believin' It (Half & Half)
        • Andy Bey – Some Other Time
        • Andy Bey – The Last Night Of Evening (Blood Count)
        • Andy Bey – Drume Negrita (Afro-Cuban Lullaby)
        • 2×LP£22.99
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        Art Ensemble Of ChicagoLes Stances A Sophie (1970)Soul Jazz Records
        As the legendary Art Ensemble of Chicago celebrates it’s 50th anniversary, Soul Jazz Records are releasing a new fully re-mastered edition of the group’s...
        • Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Theme De Yoyo
        • Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Theme De Celine
        • Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Variations Sur Un Theme De Monteverdi
        • Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Variation Sur Un Theme De Monteverdi (ii)
        • Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Proverbes (I)
        • Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Theme Amour Universal
        • Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Theme Libre
        • Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Proverbes (II)
          Charles BrackeenRhythm X (The Music Of Charles Brackeen)Strata-East
          Classic Strata-East record get's the reissue treatment from Pure Pleasure. On this record, the little-known Charles Brackeen brings his saxophone to a...
          • Charles Brackeen – Rhythm X
          • Charles Brackeen – Hour Glass
          • Charles Brackeen – Charles Concept
          • Charles Brackeen – C. B. Blues
          • LP£26.99
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          Ishmael EnsembleThe ChapelSevern Songs
          Upfront exclusive at Sounds Of The Universe! Following up on last year’s excellent LP 'Song's For Knotty', after the evolution from solo Ishmael to...
          • Ishmael Ensemble – The Chapel
          • Ishmael Ensemble – Full Circle
          • 7"£10.99
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          L.T.D.Love To The World (KON’s Lots of Love Remix)KONtemporary
          NYC's KON officially remixes of L.T.D.'s rousing jazz-funk / disco classic that was originally produced by the legendary Mizell Brothers! Spiritual music...
          • L.T.D. – Love To The World (KON's Lots Of Love Remix)
          • L.T.D. – Love To The World (KON's Lovestrumental)
          AdmiralCash On The LineWandering Eye
          Creamy rhodes piano licks, cosmic lunar drones and warbled space-funk on this new one from Admiral via Panoram's excellent Wandering Eye imprint! Glenn...
          • Admiral – Pearl Diver
          • Admiral – Halfraw Meat
          • Admiral – Lonely Palms Couch Party
          • Admiral – Magic Mentor
          • Admiral – Soho Girl
          • Admiral – You Left Me Empty
          RothadamRebelShella Records
          Back in stock..One of the deepest and most sought after roots 45s to ever come out of Canada! Recorded and released in Toronto circa 1975.
          • Rothadam – Rebel
          • Rothadam – I Was Born To Be A Rebel
          • 7"£7.99
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          Gilles Peterson & Brownswood Recordings present: Future Bubblers 2.0Various ArtistsBrownswood Recordings / Future Bubblers
          Another showcase some of the promising talent from the music underground via this second volume of the 'Future Bubblers' series. Features future gems from...
          • Skinny Pelembe, Chloe Beth Smith & Field Notes Choir – Laxmi Flying
          • Mali Hayes, Medikul & R.Lyle – Are You
          • Nashe xx – Bad Mind
          • Elsa Hewitt – Given
          • Ratomagoson – Summer Wish
          • Broadstrokes – Underwater
          • Beatbaby – I Want You
          • R. Lyle & Elsa Hewitt – Crusht
          • Lewis Ashley – Horizon
          • 1. Skinny Pelembe, Chloe Beth Smith & Field Notes Choir – Laxmi Flying
          • 2. Mali Hayes, Medikul & R.Lyle – Are You
          • 3. Nashe xx – Bad Mind
          • View full info and tracklisting
          • LP£11.99
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          Natural VibesSweet SensationArchive Recordings
          Killer heavyweight roots vocal cut originally released in 1983 on Suffering & Faith label using Jackie Mittoo's mighty "Drum Song" rhythm. Monster dub...
          • Natural Vibes – Sweet Sensation
          • Natural Vibes – Version
          Julien DyneTealSoundway
          New Zealand multi-instrumentalist and producer Julian Dyne follows on from his Lord Echo remix on Soundway Records with a new album project for the label,...
          • Julien Dyne – Design
          • Julien Dyne – YouYou
          • Julien Dyne – Hours
          • Julien Dyne – Like Glue
          • Julien Dyne – P.F Mogul
          • Julien Dyne – Copernicus
          • Julien Dyne – What You Say
          • Julien Dyne – Hot Shoe
          • Julien Dyne – Steady
          • Julien Dyne – Teal
          • Julien Dyne – Follow You Round
          The Lewis ExpressThe Lewis ExpressATA Records
          Leeds based label ATA Records, release the debut LP from The Lewis Express. Taking inspiration from the likes of Ramsey Lewis, Young-Holt, Eddie Cano,...
          • The Lewis Express – Love Can Turn a Man
          • The Lewis Express – Cancao De Momento
          • The Lewis Express – Hawkshaw Philly
          • The Lewis Express – Brother Move On
          • The Lewis Express – Theme from "the Watcher"
          • The Lewis Express – Last Man in the Chain Gang
          • The Lewis Express – Straight Seven Strut
          • LP£20.99
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          • CD£10.99
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