Dhaima Love Lives Forever

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      Limited blue vinyl edition
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      • 1. Reggae On Sunset
      • 2. Don’t Feel No Way
      • 3. Surrender
      • 4. Loving You Is My Thing
      • 5. Sweat Til Your Body’s Wet

      A heady mix of digi killers, digital roots, dub, electro, and unlikely vocoder magic, Love Lives Forever is the first ever compilation of Miami reggae-not-reggae diva, Dhaima.

      Other Releases by Dhaima

      DhaimaIna Jah ChildrenJoe Gibbs
      Second 10" in the Joe Gibbs (Roots Archive Series) featuring Dhaima 1977 roots vocal cut with Mighty Two dub plus a combination vocal with Dennis Brown...
      • Dhaima – Ina Jah Children
      • Mighty Two – Save The Children
      • Dennis Brown & Dhaima – A True
      • Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Nu True

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      Numero reissue some KILLER blue-eyed soul/soft rock vibes from '79 backed with a sweet, female vocal version.
      • Jim Spencer – Wrap Myself Up In Your Love
      • Angie Jarée – Wrap Myself Up In Your Love
      24 Carat BlackIIINumero
      Previously unreleased album from the 80s by Cincinnati's legendary soul group gets the loving issue treatment via Numero!
      • 24 Carat Black – I Need A Change
      • 24 Carat Black – Your Love Is My Desire
      • 24 Carat Black – Speak Low
      • 24 Carat Black – Skeleton Coast
      • 24 Carat Black – Now You Sit Alone
      • 24 Carat Black – You're Slipping Away
      • 24 Carat Black – I'm Coming Back
      • 24 Carat Black – Someone To Somebody
      Jackie ShaneAny Other Way / Sticks And StonesNumero
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      • Jackie Shane – Sticks and Stones
      RupaDisco JazzNumero
      Numero reissue this HUGELY in demand and mega-rare Indian soul / disco / funk gem from 1982! In a word: ESSENTIAL!
      • Rupa – Moja Bhari Moja
      • Rupa – East West Shuffle
      • Rupa – Aaj Shanibar
      • Rupa – Ayee Morshume
      • CD£14.99
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      • LP£22.99
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      Not From Around HereVarious ArtistsNumero
      Sixteen languid guitar instrumentals, femme fatale dirges, and cinematic country crooners score the "loneliest night of one man’s life" - a superb compilation...
      • Gene Sikora – A Song For Mary
      • Cheryl Thompson – Black Night
      • Bailey’s Nervous Kats – First Love
      • Don McGinnis – Good Luck To You
      • Shelley Duncan – Somewhere Down The Line
      • Attila & The Huns – The Lonely Huns
      • Alvie Self – Lonely Walk
      • Eddy Bailes & The Cadillacs – Dark Side Of The Moon
      • The Jades – Lost Train
      • Haydon Thompson – 16.88
      • Slim Martin – Haunted After Midnight
      • The Expresso’s – Wandering
      • Nicky Roberts – Spaceman (Out Of Nowhere)
      • Buzz Clifford – Wouldn’t It Be Nice (To Have Wings And Fly)
      • Houston & Dorsey – Ebb Tide
      • Charlie Megira – Tomorrow’s Gone
      • 1xLP Box Set£30.99
        2-piece octagonal box with embossing, high gloss UV and rust varnish

        Film reel inner sleeve

        36” x 27” movie poster on uncoated paper
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      PlanisphereVarious ArtistsNumero
      Numero offer up an excellent compilation of cosmic rock / hippie drum machine oddities from the early to mid-80s!
      • – Jack Adkins - American Sunset
      • – Rick Cuevas - The Birds
      • – Dereck Higgins - Dream Music
      • – Roc Mangini - Starlight
      • – Cobalt - Harmonic Love
      • – Cracky - Coming Home Again
      • – Circus Underwater - The Surface Of The Water
      • – Jim Van Buskirk - Just One More Drink
      • – Alan Purvey - Chased By Shadows
      • New LP (Picture Disc)£29.99
        Picture disc LP in die-cut sleeve
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      Elisa WautElisa WautNumero
      **A 28-minute minimal wave masterpiece!** Originally issued as a hand-dubbed demo tape in 1982, Elisa Waut’s icy debut gets its first vinyl issue....
      • Elisa Waut – Intro
      • Elisa Waut – Being Strong
      • Elisa Waut – Waiting
      • Elisa Waut – Red Soldier
      • Elisa Waut – Unrath
      • Elisa Waut – Au Clair De La Lune
      • Elisa Waut – Russia
      • Elisa Waut – Summary Of All My Dreams
      Spontaneous OverthrowAll About MoneyNumero
      Synth chutes, synth ladders, popcorn 808 beats, dirge-y chants and busted sub-woofer hums from inner-galactic soul pioneers Nathaniel Woolridge and Anthony...
        W2NG 89.9 FMVarious ArtistsNumero
        In the 'wake' of 2017’s 'Seafaring Strangers: Private Yacht', Numero release another addition to the soft rock cannon. 'W2NG 89.9 FM'. Set your FM dial...
        • Lion – You've Got A Woman
        • Larry Sanders – Child Of December
        • Gary Hyde – Waste Of Time
        • Kettner & Shawe – Take This To Heart
        • Love Transfusion – Stands To Reason
        • Phillips – You And Me, Me And You
        • Nanette – What A Way To Go
        • Orphans Of Love – Quick 'N Slick
        • Jim Spencer & Son Rize – The Blues Are Out To Get Me
        • Marshall Titus – Wrap Myself Up In Your Arms
        • Greenflow – No Other Life Without You

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